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Hermès - pronunciation and meaning of the cult brand from France

European luxury brands are known and sought after all over the world. But what do the famous brand names mean and how are they actually pronounced correctly? In this series, YouJoy introduces you to the background of Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci and Co. For German native speakers in particular, Hermès is a particular challenge - here's the background.

The parcel carrier rings and Hermès is at the door? That can happen - but usually it's just Hermes. The German parcel service is part of a logistics group that in turn belongs to the Otto Group from Hamburg. Neither the shipping service provider nor the retail group have anything to do with the French luxury brand Hermès. When pronouncing it, however, it is easy to get confused.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is known to be the messenger of the gods. As a patron god, he is assigned to traffic, travel, but also trade, theft and magic. The travel and trade connection, in turn, goes well with the German parcel service as well as the French premium brand. After all, Hermès leather goods are mostly worn on the go.

French luxury brand with German roots

By the way, hardly anyone knows that the luxury brand Hermès actually has its origins in Germany - although that is a little more complicated. The brand founder Thierry Hermès was born in Krefeld in 1801. At that time, however, the city briefly belonged to the national territory of France.

Although he had French citizenship, his schoolmates called him Dietrich - and his last name did not yet have the French accent mark. Thierry Hermès even completed his saddlery apprenticeship in Krefeld, France - the luxury brand Hermès actually has German origins in its production method.

Via Paris into the world of the rich and beautiful

When Krefeld was too small for him, Hermès moved to “old” France, married and opened his own saddle and bridle shop in Paris in 1837. He quickly made it to some fame with his craftsmanship. Thierry Hermès was no longer to experience the global fame of the brand himself; after his death, the son continued the business. He also laid further important foundations for the later success story.

In the 20th century, the brand's product range was steadily expanded. Resounding success came with the Hermès women's bags. The so-called Kelly-Bag goes back to Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco, better known as Grace Kelly. You Monegasque carried a copy at a photo shoot for Life magazine - and gave the bag its future nickname. The British actress Jane Birkin is even said to have contributed to the design of the later Birkin bag - and is thus one of the first influencers with a creative streak.

To this day, the two Hermès bags are among the most famous luxury products in the world. Stars and big earners sometimes wait years for a copy because the premium production is very limited. The starting price is around 5,000 euros, upwards almost anything is possible.

Hermès - pronunciation of the French luxury brand

The name of the luxury brand from France clearly goes back to the company founder himself. Anyone who does not pronounce the brand in French but in German could refer to the origins in Krefeld. The French variant with a silent "h" is of course correct and understandable.

Otherwise, the emphasis is not a big challenge. Nonetheless, we have recorded it again for you. Here in the clip you can listen to the pronunciation of the luxury brand Hermès:

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