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Hartz IV: "The trick is to only eat once a day"

How do you live Bad - you "live", but that's all. I sublet my own apartment for the "reasonable rent" is hard to come by. A book now and then? Possible, but difficult. My boots are on the verge of giving up on themselves (four years old) - new ones are out of the question. Maybe new ones in summer, if they should be available for 20 or 30 euros. Winter coat - six years old, bought when I was working. I probably bought my last pair of jeans five years ago, the current one is a present from my brother-in-law.

My glasses, bought about seven years ago, have a small crack in the lens. If it expands and the glass breaks, then good night - I can probably save three or four months for a new one, with at least 50 euros per month. Do that for 409 euros per month at the current electricity / heating costs. I dread the day the washing machine or refrigerator breaks.

Go to the cinema, the last one? That was something at the time when Nicolas Cage was still active - wait a minute, I'll just have a look on the internet. Ah yes, that was »Next« from 2007. Oh, where we are now with computers - if something goes down there, it gets extremely tight again. Although I never buy complete computers (I have a degree in computer science) and basically assemble them myself, the hardware is not free.

Well - as I said, it is just enough to "live". Oh - by the way, I'm 62, studying in the Mint area - in other words, where there is supposedly such a shortage of experienced specialists. However, there is never a trace of this in my applications, strangely enough ... Perhaps I should briefly mention that I have a heart condition and that I have to go to the Cardiologicum in Hamburg two or three times a year because of my built-in defibrillator, at least. The travel costs alone ...

How do you "live" there? Mostly full of panic and fear of the next day.