Do rap songs have a meaning

5 rap songs that deal with the phenomenon of conspiracy theories

LGoony - lie of the media

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“First 9/11, then gravity / An apple just falls on the floor, no animation at all” - Probably the most entertaining song on this list comes from LGoony's very first tape, the underground classic “Space Tape Vol. 1: Goonyverse ". As the title of the tape already suggests, the Cologne-based artist moves into extraterrestrial spheres on this project. So it's no wonder that in “The Media Lies” he advocates the very tenable theory that Chancellor Angela Merkel is giving her New Year's address on some planet in the Milky Way. But Goony hovers above things and looks through all the outrageous lies that are circulating. Because while in Germany and the western world there is currently great fear of the microchips in the brain, which absorb and control our thinking, LGoony assured as early as 2014 that he had long since divided his involuntary cerebral implant with the power of thought and thus got out of his clutches the government has released. Take that Bill Gates and Elon Musk! His motivation for this is clear, after all, the flyboy “has no place in his mind for anything other than money”.

Fatoni - tears or piss

While leaks from private Telegram groups only gradually make many people aware of the political leanings that Xavier Naidoo feels and what his state of mind is, Fatoni apparently had a vague premonition as early as 2014. The Munich resident opens his song “Tränen oder Pisse” with the meaningful question of whether God is crying or urinating while it is raining. The rapper quickly realizes that science only serves to silence the doubters, so you should “hit your physics teacher in the face”, after all, he also belongs to “those up there”. Violence is not a solution? Not correct! According to Fatoni, violence is the only solution, courtesy is also an invention of those up there to keep us down. "We hunt them down and beat them / they pay for their dirty lies with blood / They are Freemasons, I know that from Xavier Naidoo" is the ironic closing argument against the authorities.

Juicy Gay - Flat Earth

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Juicy Gay is known for the humor in his music, but sometimes he also seems to devote himself to serious topics such as the real-life threat from lizard people, chemtrails, and the Illuminati. Worrying theories about Germany as a GmbH, Obama, holograms, Leon Lovelock and some occult signs in general can be found in the video for “Flat Earth”. In the (very probable) case of the end of the world, optionally caused by the big bank crash, natural disasters or the failure of our power grids, we will of course stock up on plenty of canned food - Safety First! Attempts to warn others about the danger of lizards fail, presumably because they are either part of the conspiracy or because they are controlled by the mainstream media and chemtrails. But in the bunker it is obviously pretty safe to live and rap, and if Juicy does have to go outside, he simply drives his "Flat Earth Rider through the Hood" - with an aluminum hat, of course. According to Juicy Gay, only Jonathan Frakes from X-Faktor provides the only legitimate answers to all inconsistencies - the incomprehensible, actually goes without saying.

Casper - Morgellon

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Another song that deals with the ideas of lateral thinkers who wear aluminum hats can be found on Casper's last album called "Long live death". He borrowed the title “Morgellon” from “All Good” podcast voice Jan Wehn, who spun a whole story about the phenomenon of conspiracy theories in the novel of the same name. "I see what you do not see / read what you do not read / see what you do not see / because I woke up. Finally, finally woke up. ”Casper makes an important point about the emergence and dissemination of such theories, namely that of alternative media, social media bubbles and“ trustworthy ”sources of information. Just like the "Sheeple" (a term for all those who believe the lies of "those up there") who follow the mainstream media, awakened people often wallow in their own pool of information, which is constantly being replenished by like-minded people, without any Questioning sources. In addition to the obligatory Zuckerberg name dropping, the "politicians-are-reptilian people" knowledge and the general mistrust of cell phones, an arc of tension builds up in the course of the song, which in the last passage of the text shows the fanatical and paranoid (and accordingly also extremely dangerous) character of many Conspiracy theorist aptly portrays: "In my little bladder I'm slowly going insane / don't sleep, wake up for weeks / clothes in camouflage, I / store supplies for years grenades and weapons in / basement for emergencies, very soon, definitely".

Edgar Wasser - Wake up !!!!!!!!

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In the German music and rap cosmos, conspiracy theories have been reinforced and disseminated by three key figures in particular. While Xavier Naidoo and the YouTuber and doubter with passion Leon Lovelock, especially this year, have been raging against "those up there" and are getting extremely emotional on these topics, Kollegah is extremely critical with songs like "NWO", "Armageddon" and that viewing "Apocalypse" song for years wave against Illuminati, Freemasons and the bank cabinet. With "Wacht Auf !!!!!!!!" Edgar Wasser thwarted the three conspiracy theorists and even toppled the German spearhead of the aluminum hat wearers called "Traukeinempromi". Within three minutes and 48 seconds, Edgar reveals that all of the above-mentioned people themselves belong to the mysterious, all-controlling Satanist circle and just want to manipulate us. Sounds plausible at first, but where are the facts? Edgar Wasser delivers them all: “Wake up, open your eyes and just look at the hard facts / If you convert the letters in Xavier Naidoo, Leon Lovelock and Felix Blume into numbers and add them, you get 387 / The cross sum of that is 18 in 18 is three times the six / you know again who is behind it ". I did the math and it's really true, so beware of Kolle, Leon, Xavier and their dangerous lies! But wait: On the other hand, if you convert Edgar Wasser's social media profile name, ie “Etka Vassa”, into letters, the result is 99. The checksum of 99 is “coincidentally” also 18, so we know that “Wake up !!! !!!!!! ”is also just a controlled feint from the boxes and a certain Munich rapper probably also seems to be a member of this. And anyway, let's be honest: who has seen Edgar Wasser in recent years? Is he really the ominous string puller and cult leader? Questions about questions to which we will probably never get a true answer, but one thing is certain: the life and worldview of a skeptic must be extremely stressful.