Which novel is best suited for expanding knowledge

Interesting books (topics) to expand knowledge?

Hmm, so thematically I'm interested in pretty much the same things as you: history, art, mythology, etc. I like works best, in which one gets a better overview of the "big picture" of humanity. Rather books that encompass and combine several fields of science. Really suggesting "topics" is difficult for me at the moment, but I have a few book recommendations for you ^^

For example, I like all the books by Desmond Morris very much, because you learn a lot about anthropology, or also history and human behavior, foreign cultures, etc. Furthermore, I can recommend various books by Michael Köhlmeier, e.g. the Greek legends of antiquity, including the He retold Nibelungen in a very exciting way. Just recently I read "The History of the Legendary Countries and Cities" by Umberto Eco, which I found really exciting! Umberto Eco is recommended anyway.

Oh, and if you don't know him yet: Read everything from Thor Heyerdahl! Super super exciting. I devoured everything from him, but I liked "Kon Tiki" and "Aku Aku" the best. Some of his theses have already been refuted, but that doesn't detract from reading pleasure ^^

Now to the topics that don't interest me that much: I just read briefly into "The universe is a shit area" by the Austrian "Science Busters" Heinz Oberhummer, Martin Puntigam and Werner Gruber - I found it very cool and simple or funny explained, I'm not particularly interested in anything that has to do with physics, but they explain it really excitingly :-) So I can also recommend it. In the field of neurology and neurobiology, I found "Operating Instructions for a Human Brain" by Gerald Hüther to be very interesting and simply explained.

Phew, now I can't think of anything anymore, although I've read more than a lot in my life ... Yes, I still have one tip. Here in Vienna there is a so-called "free bookcase" that I often go to and just take with me everything that looks interesting. Maybe there is something like that near you too? I think that's great because it also reads books that you wouldn't even have noticed in the bookstore. Otherwise, book flea markets are also a great tip ^^

Have fun while reading!