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Caputo Farina 00 - the best pizza flour in the world!

Antica Molino di Caputo Farina 00 - the pizza flour of the Neapolitan pizza makers

Again and again we received inquiries as to whether we could not use the first-class pizza flour Caputo Farina 00 can take into the range. In Italy the pizza makers swear or pizzaioli on the high quality flour. And somehow the customer of the high quality got to Germany. Hobby cooks now want this too Pizza flour to be able to make pizza as good as in Naples. Our customers can finally breathe a sigh of relief and delight themselves and their family or friends with their pizza creations.

Caputo Farina 00 rosso - the red variant

From Farina 00 pizza flour the Antica Molino di Caputo there are two variants - one red and one blue. We have included both in our range. The Farina rossa (the red variant) has a particularly high gluten content. This means that the dough quickly becomes supple when kneaded and is easy to shape. Thanks to the high protein content of 13.5%, the typical Neapolitan pizza also turns out particularly well.
The recipe for the Pizza Margherita da Michele can be found in our recipe collection.

Caputo Farina Grano Tenero

The Farina Grano Tenero is the blue variant of the pizza flour with a worldwide reputation. It can also be used to prepare pizza, but it can also be used to prepare sweet baked goods. Thanks to its special properties, the flour absorbs water (or milk) well, so that it can be processed into a dough very quickly.

The difference to our usual 450 flour is, by the way, the finer grinding of the tipo 00 flour. This makes the dough more elastic and does not contract again when it is rolled out or shaped at all. If you dare, you can confidently toss dough made from Caputo flour through the air, just as you know it from real pizza makers.

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