What do you call your wife's daughter

Translation of "Frau nennst" in Spanish

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Which is why you keep me yours Call woman.
That creature you are a Call woman, is already dead.
It was us, if you mean her Call woman?
Or peanut shaking with the elephant you own Call woman.

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If you mean Mrs witch call, this is your end.
Si alguna vez clamas brujería contra mi esposa, será tu fin.
That I am a Mrs had to murder call you rough end?
She is what you are Mrs of the world call, Not?
Es lo que ustedes llaman una mujer de mundo, ¿no?
MRS: Call you make me a liar?
So I want to start that Mrs to be that you proud your daughter call.
You call you Dunpeal and you can't even get one Mrs make happy!
¿Cómo puede ser que un Dunpeal no pueda satisfacer a una mujer?
So call you it, if you are ours Women kidnapped?
You call you Dunpeal and you can't even get one Mrs make happy!
¿Crees que tu código de honor puede hacerte dejar dejar de responder a los deseos de una mujer?
The Mrswho you are your mother call, has no children.
Su madre, la mujer a la que llama madre, no tiene hijos.
He wasn't sure why Mrswho have favourited mother call, is not always your mother.
No estaba seguro por qué a la mujer que llamas "mommy" no siempre es do madre.
(Olympias) Who is this Mrswho you are your queen call, Alexander?
- The call you late - Late for one Mrswho works.
(Olympias) Who is this Mrswho you are your queen call, Alexander?
¿Quién es esa mujer a quien llamas do reina, Alejandro?
This whole thing with the Mrswho have favourited Dararai call.
How call you a man who waits for a rich man Mrs decides whether she wants him or not?
¿Cómo se le dice a un hombre que espera que una mujer rica decida ... si lo quiere o no?
My Mrs wanted to go for a walk, Call do you work?
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