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I grew up in a small village. About 5 children were born every year. And every year about 5 people died. There was a Death bellsthat announced to the experienced that someone had just died. The dead were Lay out at home for 3 days, people came by to pray, talked about the dead and there were often funny memories that came up. Crying and laughing were very close together. A pleasant side effect for children - those who attended the funeral didn't have to go to class - at least that's how I remember it.

In this way life and death were intertwined. Dying and being buried were part of village life, just like the associated grief that had struck every house in the village. The party slip on the front door, which then indicated the mourning for a year and at the same time signaled protection.

It's different in the city. The death bell may be there too, but if I couldn't identify it in the village, I can't do it here. I was seldom in a Viennese apartment where someone had just died, rarely at funerals. This is also because most of the people I know are my age and are blessed with exceptionally good health. That's good, I think to myself.
Nevertheless, it also alienates me ... That death seems so far away in the city and that my 12-year-old daughter has hardly ever come into contact with it.

Why actually?

Because she only gets to know death in a small personal circle, only when someone from close family or friends dies. I would like her to practice a bit, to feel a little bit closer, in which saying goodbye doesn’t come close to you… Where being born versus dying: a closed circle of life.
But maybe the media will take care of it with disaster reports and greed for human tragedies or the crime novels that deliver a few dead people free to your door every evening ... Well, different.
And I think it doesn't hurt if we talk about it every now and then. When we practice saying goodbye with our many pets, for example organizing the funeral for our house mouse. And there are enough great children's books about it, also really nice ones to read together.

For all those who are interested in children's books that deal with the topic, here are a few links:
www.kinderbuch-couch.de or

Another tip:
Many books on the subject can be borrowed for free by children in Vienna's libraries.


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