What is a Jharkhand climate


The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany has a special one for this country Travel and safety advice published (web link).
  • The states Bihar, Jharkand, Chhattisgarh, the extreme southwest of Orissa, the extreme north of Andhra Pradesh and the extreme east of Maharashtra record - especially in rural areas - armed activities of a militant-social-revolutionary Maoist movement, which in individual districts go as far as the exercise of quasi-state violence. So far, the activities have not been directed against foreigners, but there has been one kidnapping case in the past. Acts of sabotage and attacks on the public rail network have also occurred in the past.
Find out about the current security situation and possibly planned protests via the local media.
Avoid demonstrations and large crowds in large areas.
Follow the instructions of local security guards.
Do not carry out tourist activities without a local guide who knows the place.
Be sure to observe the relevant prohibitions of the local authorities.
India: Travel and Safety Advice. Date of last notification: 05/18/2020.