What is cell resuspension

Cell culture

When it comes to cell colonization, we differentiate between the “drop-on” and the “drop-in” method.


Drop-on procedure

In the drop-on process, a precisely defined volume of the cell suspension is poured onto the Optimaix scaffold using a pipette, so that complete hydration of the scaffold is achieved. Before adding more medium, wait a few minutes for the cells to adhere. Thus, this method allows the exact determination of the starting cell number in the scaffold and is therefore particularly advantageous for cell proliferation studies in Optimaix-3D scaffolds. However, by pipetting, achieving a very homogeneous cell distribution in the scaffold is somewhat problematic.


Drop-in procedure

With the drop-in process, the Optimaix-3D scaffold is immersed in a significantly larger volume of the cell suspension when it is dry. With slight movement, complete hydration and thus homogeneous colonization of the scaffold with cells is achieved within a few seconds.



The further cultivation of the cells must be adapted to the cell type used. In three-dimensional cell cultures, a relatively large number of cells are cultivated in a small space, so the medium should be changed more frequently. Optimaix sponges can be used in static, dynamic or bioreactor-supported cell cultures. Different dynamic cultivation options combined with one another can significantly improve the growth of cells within three-dimensional scaffolds.


Optimaix-2D and Optimaix-3D scaffolds can be colonized with various cell types (embryonic stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, various primary cells (e.g. fibroblasts, chondocytes, adipocytes, olfactory cells, astrocytes, Schwann cells) as well as with a number of cell lines are stable under normal cell culture conditions and are typically suitable for cell culture studies over up to three weeks. In-vivo studies with cell-colonized Optimaix have demonstrated biodegradability without inflammatory reactions. Immunological reactions have not yet been observed in connection with Optimaix scaffolds.