Is Venezuela an embargoed country?

Military embargoes

A few military goods embargoes also include a ban on import of goods listed in the military list from these countries (as well as a ban on acquisition, procurement or transport).

Most military goods embargoes included Exceptions for permitted deliveries of military goods (e.g. to support international operations, to protect auxiliary personnel, etc.). The texts of the specific embargo provisions apply in each case.

Items on the military list may not be used temporarily either (e.g. for hunting) in a military embargo country be carried out or taken away.
For weapons and ammunition that are not mentioned in the extended military list, but exclusively in the appendix to the EU Firearms Ordinance, this general prohibition does not apply; These weapons are subject to the basic authorization requirement of the BMDW / Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location.
The weapons, which due to their technical nature can only be classified in the EU Firearms Ordinance and not also in the list of military goods, are, for example, shotguns including ammunition, non-fully automatic weapons for rimfire cartridge cases ("small caliber .22"), rubber bullet weapons .
Air rifles and pistols are generally excluded from foreign trade controls.


Additional bans may be in force within the framework of the other sanctions regime, for example the ban on the export of "goods for internal repression".

Regardless of the existing arms embargoes, the export of military equipment always requires an official one Approval.
Art 4 Paragraph 2 Dual Use Regulation ("catch all clause"):
A Reporting requirement to the BMDW (with any subsequent authorization requirement) there are also for Non-military gradehe (goods not listed in the military list), if the Exporter knowsthat the (non-military) goods to be exported in whole or in part in an arms embargo country for one military end use is or could be determined.
The military end-use is:
  • the installation / assembly in a military asset,
  • the use as manufacturing, test or analysis equipment for the development, manufacture or maintenance of military goods ("manufacturing equipment"),
  • the export of unfinished goods to be used in a facility for the manufacture of military goods.