Why do rappers rap about wealth?

Top 10 best rappers of all time

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December 20, 2020 8:00 p.m.

The ten artists on this list have shaped the rap and hip hop scene in their own way and helped keep the genre trending today.

We referred to their current relevance in the scene and looked at what the rappers have achieved in their lives. The rappers' assets only play a subordinate role here, because that doesn't really reflect their skills. For example, Kanye West and Jay-Z each have more than a billion dollars in their accounts, but their wealth includes investments such as spirits or fashion labels, while other artists basically only live off their voices.

10. 50 cents

50 Cent (* 1975) only really took off when he was signed to "Shady Records" (Eminem’s record label) in 2002. "Get Rich or Die Tryin '*" was the best-selling album in the USA in 2003. "The Massacre *" also reached number 1 in the charts in 2005 in America, but also in Germany and the United Kingdom. His life was so breathtaking that it was made into a film. After all, Curtis James Jackson III was riddled with nine bullets and dealt drugs at a young age. Even if you haven't heard from him since his Best Of album in 2017, hits like “Candy Shop”, “Just A Little Bit” and “In da Club” can still be heard at every party.

9. Rakim

Many artists, including Eminem, attribute the origin of modern rapeseed to Rakim (* 1968). In the late 80s he took lyric poetry a step further and introduced polysyllabic rhymes. Today he is revered by many as the most influential MC of our time. His career began in 1994 in collaboration with Eric B., but a dispute led to his first solo album "18 Letters" being released in 1997. Two more albums later, he reconciled with Eric B. and even went on tour together in 2017. Many of the most successful rappers to this day follow his novel style, including Nas and Kendrick Lamar.

8. Snoop Dogg

When Snoop Dogg was found by Dr. Dre was discovered, he was so impressed that he recorded it on his first solo album. In 1993, Snoop (* 1971) released his first album. "Doggystyle *" immediately reached number 1 on the US charts and sold over four million times in the States alone. Since then he has sold a total of over 35 million albums worldwide. Here probably one of the most unforgettable hits "Drop It Like It's Hot" with Pharrell Williams.

7. Drake

Drake (* 1986) began his acting career in "DeGrassi: The Next Generation". But he shaped today's generation through his musical contributions with "God’s Plan", "In My Feelings" and "One Dance", to name just a few of his last successful songs. The Canadian's net worth is estimated at $ 170 million.

6. Kanye West

You can say what you want about Kanye West (* 1977). He may have a god complex and bipolar disorder, but his artistic talent doesn't seem to suffer. When "College Dropout" and "Late Registration" came out, it earned a lot of respect. With "Gold Digger", "Stronger" and "Good Life" the Chicago native Kanye delivered unforgettable rap songs. The fact that Kanye built up a second mainstay as a fashion designer with the “Yeezy” brand did not detract from his success. Forbes magazine estimated its value at $ 1.3 billion in April 2020.

5. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre (* 1965) is not only one of the most successful rappers in history, he is also one of the biggest producers and promoters of young talent in the business. For his first solo album "The Chronic *" (1992) he received three platinum records. With the album "Let me Ride" Dre became the founder of G-Funk and received a Grammy in 1994. He was a founding member of the hip hop crew "N.W.A" (short for "N **** z Wit Attitudes"), who made gangsta rap famous from 1986 to 1991. The producer is said to have assets of $ 820 million.

4. Jay-Z

With a net worth of $ 1 billion (2019), he is the richest rapper on this list and rightly gets his wife Beyoncé's favorite number. Jay-Z's (* 1969) successful music career began 24 years ago with the album "Reasonable Doubt". The second album was catapulted directly to number three on the American Billboard charts in 1997. Since then he has had eleven albums at the top of the chart. With hits like “Big Pimpin”, “Hard Knock Life” and “99 Problems”, it remains unforgettable. His music streaming service "Tidal" gave the father of three an additional pillar.

3. P.Diddy

P. Diddy (* 1969), Sean Combs, Diddy or Puff Daddy is the third richest rapper of all time with $ 855 million. He achieved this not only in his music, but also through film roles and investments, such as in Ciroc Vodka and his own fashion label called "Sean John". Of course, the man from Harlem also has his own music label (Bad Boy Entertainment). After his friend Notorious B.I.G. died, whose songs he co-produced, he began to work on his own music career. He can still be heard on the radio today through singles such as "I'll Be Missing You", "Last Night" with Keyshia Cole and "Bad Boy For Life".

2. Eminem

"Rap God", as Eminem (* 1972) called himself, is not a fan of false modesty. His rhymes, with which he tells incredibly lively stories at the same time, and the high speed (229 words in 30 seconds) with which he raps, made him one of the most successful representatives of his genre. For the song "Lose Yourself" from the film "8 Mile" he even received the first Oscar for a rap song. His net worth is currently around $ 230 million.

1. Notorious B.I.G.

“Big Poppa”, who died at the age of just 24, created more unforgettable hits in just a few years than others in their entire career. Notorious B.I.G. (* 1972) began recording tapes with his raps at the age of 15 and distributing them in his neighborhood in Brooklyn. Some time later he was signed to Sean Combs aka P. Diddy and didn't produce a single bad track until his death in 1997.