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For others, it's the ease of use, the daily updates, the great sound quality, or the ability to download shows to your PC or Mac. Websites, Satellite Radio: is the best online resource for free OTR, which is home to many tens of thousands of shows that you can download - one at a time or as a full series - and then listen to those MP3s on any compatible device. You will also receive photos, show descriptions and comments from listeners. Shows can be browsed by name or by average rating, number of downloads, number of reviews, or recent additions. Also bookmarks and (Are you Sitting Comfortably?) Which allow you to listen to more than 35,000 shows. Those who listen to satellite radio may not be familiar with an old radio station that streams shows 24/7 called Radio Classics (Channel 148). While I was constantly expanding the content of RUSC, my wife Joy happily took over answering many of the emails from our growing membership. She answered questions, helped those unfamiliar with downloading the shows as MP3 files or other technical aspects, and showed them how to get the most joy out of their RUSC membership. There wasn't a day that went by that Joy didn't put a smile on our members' faces.

Or maybe it's the ability to queue shows and play them in your spare time that provides hours of non-stop listening. RUSC even remembers which shows you've already heard or downloaded so you don't have to! No more wasting time listening to the same show twice ... Founded in 1999, the member site is jam-packed with everything old radio-related. I personally? I love the horror, the suspense, and the sci-fi material. Some of the most popular of the series include Inner Sanctum, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Lights Out, Suspense, Quiet Please, The Shadow, Mysterious Traveler, X Minus One and everything by Ray Bradbury (please download “Mars is Heaven” and “To the Future ”Down). Listen to your favorite old radio shows now with instant access! Old Time Radio fans can order any volume of any collection for just $ 5.00 in three formats: 1.) DOWNLOAD ONLY: Save money: Instant online access only - no CDs, no post, no shipping costs, no waiting! 2.) MP3 CDs: Affordable: MP3 discs play in your computer disc drive and many MP3 players + access to online content 3.) AUDIO CDs: Easy: plays in regular CD players + access to online Content While Joy and I have worked hard to bring you the best compilation of old radio shows available everywhere, we too wanted to give you a lot more than you could ever ask from an otr website.