How can a physical therapist earn in India

How Much Does a Physiotherapist Make?

How I got there

Even as a teenager I had to give up my beloved sport, soccer, because I had chronic severe pain in my back. It was “crooked” and I therefore had to see a physiotherapist regularly, who stabilized it very well. I was totally enthusiastic about what you can achieve with physiotherapy and that's why I started training as a physiotherapist immediately after my secondary school leaving certificate. This time was exhausting because I had to learn a lot, but it was also incredibly beautiful. Because I was fascinated by all the knowledge that I was able to take with me and quickly experienced success.

During my internship in neurology, for example, I looked after a patient who had just suffered a stroke and then didn't have any muscle strength in his leg. The man cried a lot back then. We trained intensely for two weeks. First I had to guide his legs to move him. With electrotherapy we then slowly restored the muscle contractions, and later we practiced standing and balance. He noticed that he was gaining strength and took confidence in his leg again. So we could start running: I hung a kind of belt on the ceiling that he could get into. The device relieved the leg and he couldn't fall either. The belt was eventually exchanged for a walker, and later we also practiced climbing stairs. There is no better memory than the moment when the man ran out of the building alone at the end of the time together.

In addition to such experiences, what I love most about my job is that you can do it anywhere. Shortly after completing my training, I went to Colorado, in the USA, to look after an autistic person there as a “professional au pair”. After that I also worked briefly as a physiotherapist in India. The cases I had to deal with there were much more extreme than anything I had experienced in Germany up to then. For example, one child had spina bifida, an open back. In Germany, the disease is treated before birth or in the first few days after birth. In the case of adolescent patients, there is actually not much that can be done other than to ensure that they are as independent as possible. Unfortunately, these patients will die very early anyway.

Back in Germany, I first had to settle in again and worked a little at the post office. I have been employed in the hospital for six months now.