Are the homeopathic medicines safe to take?

Handle globules correctly

No coffee, no herbal tea, no chocolate - their inventor Samuel Hahnemann gives a number of tips so that globules can develop their effect. Which rules are up-to-date and what you should keep in mind when self-medication.

Homeopathy is very important as a complementary treatment method. It owes its response less to evidence-based studies than to a series of patient experiences and the opinions of expert representatives. The success of the treatment depends not only on the right choice of agent, but also on the correct application. If you use globules in self-medication, you should follow the therapist's instructions or current guidelines exactly.

The pharmacist Daniela Haverland gives tips in the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung on how to store and use the small globules correctly. The pharmacist emphasizes, however, that an open and positive attitude towards the homeopathic treatment method is a decisive factor for the success of the therapy.

Do coffee or toothpaste impair the effect?

The desired effect of globules only sets in when the globules and their homeopathic energy “arrive” in your body. Coffee, essential oils, teas containing camphor or menthol, rubs, sweets or toothpaste interfere with this process. Some homeopathic medicines also block each other.

There are different opinions among therapists as to how long self-users should refrain from using these products after taking globules. Therefore, discuss the application beforehand with your therapist or a pharmacist who is knowledgeable in homeopathy. If the symptoms worsen after consuming coffee, you should do without the pick-me-up. This is especially true after taking Nux vomica, Ignatia or Sulfur.

Note: Basically, you should take globules 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. The oral mucosa should be clean, i.e. free from leftover food or toothpaste. Place the beads on or under the tongue and let them melt until they are dissolved.

Hahnemann has given patients a list of tips on which foods or behaviors patients should avoid during treatment with globules, as these impair the effectiveness of the small globules. Haverland states that some things are no longer up to date. Your therapist will tell you to what extent the enjoyment of chocolate is also included.

Can globules last a lifetime?

Globules consist of cane sugar and are sprayed with an aqueous-alcoholic solution of the respective potency. Cane sugar attracts water and quickly binds its molecules. If water from the air gets into a bottle with globules, the surface of the globules begins to loosen and the globules lose their effectiveness. Therefore, make sure not to leave the bottle open when removing the medicine. After tearing the pack, the medication can be kept for three to twelve months. The exact best before date can be found on the packaging. It refers to the unopened preparation.

Different rules apply to tablets. When using homeopathic remedies in droplet form, extra caution should be exercised as evaporation can lead to earlier decay. Inquire with your pharmacist how to take tablets and solutions or if you are not sure whether your preparation can still be used.

Is the effect a question of the spoon?

If you do not want to take the beads by hand, it is best to use a spoon. Strictly according to Hahnemann, you should refrain from using a metal spoon, as this, in Hahnemann's opinion, disturbs the homeopathic energy. He came to this conclusion because of his observations that the metal spoons of the time were often contaminated and thus hindered the effectiveness of the drug. In view of today's hygiene regulations, however, the justification is invalid, especially since the homeopathic medicines are produced in stainless steel kettles without their effect being impaired. Nevertheless, the pharmacist prefers a plastic spoon - or, if you want to treat according to Hahnemann's approach - a horn spoon.

Are pharmacists allowed to scan the globule packaging?

As you can see, globules are not as sensitive as their reputation often suggests. Even if you come into contact with electromagnetic radiation, you do not need to worry that the rays will interfere with the homeopathic energy of the globules. This has been scientifically proven in a study. If your pharmacist scans the globule packaging, this will not harm the medicine. X-raying your luggage at the airport does not have a negative impact on the effect of the funds either.

In contrast, some testimonials have shown that microwave radiation destroys the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines. It is sufficient to store the medicine near the microwave oven. X-rays or radium radiation, especially alpha radiation, also impair the effect of globules.

Source: Daniela Haverland: Can I touch the globules? Practice-related questions about the use of homeopathic medicines. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, issue 12, March 2015, pp 39-40.


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