Have iPods speakers

Compact speaker solution for iPods & notebooks

With the Yur.Beat Capsule Speaker G2, the manufacturer Yuraku sells an impressively flexible and, given its compact size, surprisingly powerful stereo speaker set.
The audio signal is picked up by a mini jack at the earphone output, so the small speakers can be used not only with an iPod or iPhone but also with a notebook, for example. Incidentally, the connector is slim enough to fit into the recessed socket of the original iPhone. We took a look at the speaker set.

The active speaker set draws power for on the go from the two integrated batteries. These can be charged at any USB port (whether hub, computer or iPod charger) and then make music for around 6 hours, depending on the selected volume. Those who do without stereo sound can even double the running time - both speakers can be switched on independently of each other.

When it comes to sound, Yur.Beat has a lot more to offer than its size suggests at first glance. The volume should more than meet the usual requirements for mobile use, medium and high tones sound absolutely okay (as long as you do not turn up excessively), only the bass suffers from the compact dimensions - this also changes the possibility of the resonance body using an accordion system nothing to enlarge.
One more word about the iPhone: as mentioned, the connector on both models that have been released so far will fit the enjoyment of music when the phone functions are active due to the booking noises - flight mode is therefore a prerequisite for using the loudspeakers with Apple's cell phones (we did not test other cell phones) .

The matte plastic housing of the loudspeakers looks valuable and robust, the two parts are held together magnetically on the feet and, thanks to these magnets, can also be placed on vertical metal surfaces. Each speaker has a mini USB connector for the audio cable and an on / off switch.
With its many components, the supplied multi-cable looks a bit cluttered, but it prevents any cable clutter and holds all the essentials together: 3.5 mm audio-in, USB charging connection, two mini-USB cables to the speakers and two automatic cables in between Cable rewinds and a volume control.
Loudspeakers and cables can be stowed away in the supplied, approx. 10 x 12 cm fabric bag. The connection cables can be extended about 50 cm between the two speakers and 70 cm to the audio or USB connection.


The device, which has won the RedDot design award, is our recommendation for anyone looking for a compact loudspeaker solution for on the go or for flexible use at home (kitchen, garden, bathroom, etc.). In terms of sound, you understandably have to accept limitations compared to the larger systems, but the Yur.Beat is unrivaled in terms of flexibility.

The Yur.Beat Capsule Speaker G2 that we tested is available from Amazon from 38 euros. For around half, there is the Yuraku Beat Capsule variant reduced to a loudspeaker with similar performance data.