Rejects Amity students

Eda Thorn Claw

Eda Thorn Claw



Known as

Eda the owl lady
Owl lady
Miss Eda
Lord Calamity


Owl beast (by the curse)


Rebellious, cheeky, friendly, wild, fearless, caring, refined, protective, motherly


Pupil of the potions circle (formerly)


Train Luz as a witch
Finding a cure for her curse


Dana Terrace's mother and aunt



Gold, gray (after dividing the curse; left)


Orange (earlier), gray (by the curse)


Relationships to

Luz Noceda, King, Holzi, Willow Park, Gus Porter, Heulbert, Lady Fledermaus, Amity Blight, Emira and Edric Blight, Headmaster Buckel



  • Fire magic
  • Water magic
  • Earth magic
  • Light magic
  • Lightning magic
  • Potions magic
  • Abomination Magic


Human stuff, apple blood, bad girls, shiny objects, individuality, Hexes Hold'em, money, body swaps, bragging about their sister, being naughty and rebellious

Don't like

Dating when parts of your body drop / break off, school, circle, The good witch Azura, Babysitting, witches eat babies / children, their curse, garlic, Luz in danger


Speaker EN

Wendie Malick
Dee Bradley Baker (Curse Form)
Abigail Zoe Lewis (child)
Natalie Palamides (pre-teen)
I'm Eda the owl lady. The mightiest witch of the Seething Isles.“— Eda introduces herself

Edalyn "Eda" Thorn Claw (also known as "The owl lady") is the deuteragonist of the cartoon series, Welcome to the house of the owls. She is a powerful rebellious witch who befriends Luz and takes her as her apprentice.


Eda is known as the most powerful witch on the Seething Isles. But because of her rebellious nature, she's pretty much an outcast / criminal who has a large number of enemies - some of whom are business competitors or ex-boyfriends. She is a kind of teacher who not only throws someone into deep water, but also sets the entire lake on fire.

Eda makes a living selling human treasures in the markets and sometimes homemade elixirs and potions. She is also a collector as she keeps most of her human treasures at home. However, she lacks knowledge and experience of the things she sells or stores. For example, she calls a television a "black shadow box that only reflects sadness" and confuses batteries, paper clips, deodorants, and buttons with human candy.

She has been known to have short-lived friends on occasion. Many monsters and demons will use whatever methods necessary to capture them so that they can ask them out on a date. Eda always refuses her and in return her ex will either try to insist or kill her. She even has the same problems with business competitors.

She is known as "The Owl Lady" because she was cursed to become a huge and fierce owl-like creature, although she managed to counter it with an elixir that prevents her from transforming. Since she was cursed at a young age, she hardly remembers the circumstances in which she was cursed and those who cursed them. For reasons unknown, she kept her curse a secret from her roommate, King.


Confident and cheeky, Eda can best be described as rebellious. Luz calls her "surprisingly attractive for her age". Her enormous abilities and her abilities in witchcraft give her a brazen impression as she proudly declares her power and openly defies the authorities. She goes so far as to knock a security guard unconscious and fly away to avoid being caught. In contrast to her sister Lillith, Eda is vehemently anti-authoritarian and has little to no respect for law and authority in general. She refuses to join any of the circles because she sees them as crooked and because of the restrictions they place on magic. For similar reasons, she is also not a fan of the education system and deplores its trust in "blind obedience" and "senseless work".

She's the kind of teacher who not only throws someone down, but also sets the entire body of water on fire. Eda has a strange idea of ​​how a good apprentice should behave. She is very proud of Luz for having her face on a "Wanted" poster for the first time, and reacts the same way in a later episode when Luz convinces her to teach new spells by appealing to her vanity.

She has a caring side and is ready to protect the people who are close to her heart, for example when she protects Luz several times and is close to a mother figure for Luz. She also cares a lot about Lilith, although they are both on different sides of the law.


Eda is a tall, slender, middle-aged woman in her mid to late forties. She has ivory skin, pointy ears, auburn lips and golden eyes. Her untamed hair is long and thick and covered in two shades of gray (originally orange when she was younger). She has a single gold muzzle, orange claw-like nails, and an oval amber stone on the sternum. After splitting the curse between her and Lilith into "Young Blood and Old Souls", her gemstone is blackened, her left eye turns gray, and she gets a white stripe on the left side of her hair.

She wears a sleeveless two-tone maroon dress with a ripped hem design and gray leggings. Her jewelry consists of two orange-colored ball earrings and an amber-colored ball ring. For shoes, she wears maroon boots with high heels. Her nightwear consists of a plum sweater with amber cuffs, a stained, long, purple nightgown, and pale yellow rabbit slippers. In "Kampfgeist" Eda takes off her ring and gives it to Lilith Thorn Claw after their reluctant match so that she does not return to Emperor Belos empty-handed.

When she is the owl beast, she resembles a large owl monster, with black eyes and long pointy ears. Your hair turns gray and a bunch of gray hairs grow out of your ears. Her body is covered with dark blue-green fur and she has two black-gray wings. The legs are black in color, as if cursed, and the feet look more like the feet of a bird. She doesn't wear clothes when she is cursed.

Powers and abilities

  • magic: Eda is extraordinarily skilled at witchcraft and declares herself the most powerful witch on the Seething Isles. As such, she has enough expertise to educate others about the subject. Since Eda has never joined a coven, there is no seal that restricts her to just one type of magic, that enables her to perform all forms of magic. Like all witches, their connection to magic comes from a sack of magical bile clinging to their heart. She also claims to practice "wild magic," which draws power from the natural magic of the cooking islands themselves. From "Young Blood and Old Souls" onwards, her magic is severely crippled due to her curse.
    • Fire magic: Eda can conjure flames with a snap of her finger. It can create fire in all forms, from lighting candles at the same time in "Luz in the Realm of Demons" to conjuring up streams of flames in "The Chosen One". Eda can also grab fireballs, as seen on her wanted poster and "Witches' Circle".
    • Water magic: Eda can conjure water from the palm of her hand.
    • Earth magic: Eda can summon pillars of the earth to protect himself from attacks and to trap enemies. The tops of the pillars have owl faces similar to Holzi and are large enough to swallow enemies whole.
    • Light magic: Eda can create small balls of light.
    • Lightning magic: Eda can conjure massive flashes of electricity from the air. She can also summon multiple circles of spell at the same time to do more damage.
    • Mystical projection: Eda can twist her hand and create a glowing glyph-like symbol to project images and visions through her.
    • Magical platform: By striking the owl staff on the ground, Eda can conjure up a magical platform for others to travel on.
    • Portal creation: Eda can create two short-range portals one after the other, and whatever enters the first portal leaves the second portal.
    • Levitation: Eda can float in the air without help. It can also move people and objects without touching them, as seen in "The Healing Hat".
    • Teleportation: It can disappear from one place and immediately reappear in another.
    • Force field generation: It can create and maintain force fields strong enough to withstand boiling rain and scorching heat.
    • Magical trapping: Eda can summon land mines that cause elemental damage, from bursts of flames to gusts of wind to spikes of dirt.
    • Body swap: Eda can move her consciousness and the consciousness of others between bodies. She cannot perform magic on another person's body and must use her staff to undo the spell.
    • Potions magic: Eda's previous circle color suggests that she knows about potion work.
    • Abomination Magic: According to Incident # 3421 in her school record, Eda created an army of abominations for a food fight and then lost control of her.
    • animation: She can bring small inanimate objects to life after doing so with a bowl of vegetables, thereby growing small arms and legs and at least gaining rudimentary intelligence.
    • Sleep induction: Eda can make humans and creatures fall asleep when the target passes the sleep spell circle.
    • Magical weapons: She can conjure up a sword made of ice; She also creates a ball of flame in her left hand. Since she did not use them for fighting, other properties of these weapons are unknown.
    • Magical hiding place: Eda left the secret shortcut room and glyph to enter the room after leaving school.
    • Mind journeys: She can send at least two people into another person's mind while they sleep. It also has the option of allowing individuals to bring in objects, in this case a bell.
  • Staff competence: Eda's staff helps focus her magic and serves as the main means of transportation. Howlbert, the owl head of the staff, can come to life and detach, which Eda mainly uses to retrieve items from the human realm.
  • Superpower: Eda turned out to be strong enough to smash rock-hard substances with bare hands, especially to get Holzi to tell her where Luz was running. A pound from her fist cracked the wall and shook the whole house.
  • Super speed: Eda can race through the air at lightning speed.
  • Anatomical liberation: Eda's body can fall apart, but the separated parts remain active and under Eda's control. Eda can also reattach her body parts without any ill effects, making her immune to dismemberment. Even her body could stand without Eda's head after she was beheaded. Whether this is a natural skill, learned, or part of their curse is currently unknown.
  • invulnerability: Eda survived things that would seriously injure or kill a normal person. So far, she has survived the beheading of Warden Wrath without dying and has later received a direct burst of fire from Lilith without being incinerated.
  • Dimensional storage: Eda can occasionally use her hair to store items, usually books and scrolls, and the occasional King (who becomes possessive when something else tries to live in her hair).
  • Accursed form: According to Eda, she was cursed as a pre-teen and had no memory of who did it or how it happened until "The Healing Hat" reveals that it was her sister who did it. As a result, she has to consume a golden elixir on a regular basis to keep it in check. Whenever Eda doesn't take her elixir, she turns into a huge, scary owl demon, hence her nickname "The Owl Lady". In this form, she has a wild mind and can climb and punch through walls quickly, but is sensitive to bright lights and retains her fascination with shiny objects as well as the ability to fly. However, the transformation is not instantaneous. During the partial transformation, Eda responds to an order. In addition, she cannot perform magic in this form. Any living thing that she consumes as an owl beast will be vomited up again in a giant owl pellet when she is back to normal. When part of her is partially transformed, it remains intact, which makes her partially suggestible. In this state, she can understand and respond to commands and recognize everyone she knows. "The Healing Hat" worsens Eda's curse and the elixir she takes becomes less effective, forcing her to severely limit her use of magic to keep the curse in check. Her curse finally overwhelms her when she uses all her magic to save Luz and transforms her into the owl animal, apparently permanently. In "Young Blood and Old Souls", Emperor Belos restores Eda's spirit while she is still in her owl-beast form, although she is feral again when Luz finds her in captivity and only regains consciousness when she recognizes Luz, implies that she can go wild again under stress and / or anger. After escaping from Emperor Belos, Lilith uses a spell to lessen the effects of the curse on Eda by sharing it with her, restoring her to her normal form, but also being unable to conjure magic.
    • flight: As revealed in "Young Blood and Old Souls", Eda can fly in her cursed form.
  • Knit: She knits a cape with a hood made of witch's wool for Luz in "The Healing Hat".


Luz Noceda

It's not funny to watch your child get eaten by a monster.“— Eda expresses concern for Luz's safety

Eda was interested in Luz only because of her human background. Since living with her, however, she has accepted her as part of her circle. Eda finds it amusing that someone like Luz not only looks up to her, but also wants to learn from her openly. In "The Chosen One," Eda doesn't seem interested in teaching Luz anything about magic and only wants her with her to help her with household chores and make deliveries. It is soon revealed that she has reached a point where she opens up to Luz when she reveals her curse to her in "The Elixir". While Eda takes advantage of Luz and occasionally makes fun of Luz, she takes care of her because she feels she has the responsibility to take care of her "student". She takes her job as a teacher seriously and wants Luz to be proud of her, and eventually decides to enroll her at Hexstein School, trusting that she will be smart enough to make her own decisions. Over time, she almost becomes more of a surrogate mother for Luz. The extent to which Eda loves Luz is fully shown in "The Healing Hat" when Luz is captured by Lilith. Eda comes to her rescue, sacrificing her remaining magic for it, until she tells her that she spent her entire life wasting her strength before meeting her and thanks her for being in her life before she was her curse falls victim and is captured by Lilith. In "Young Blood and Old Souls", Luz can penetrate into Eda's cell while trying to save her, where she tells Luz that she loves her and shows that she has accepted her as a kind of surrogate daughter.


King and I don't have much in this world. We only have ourselves.“— Eda talks about himself and King

Eda regards King as her "roommate" in the owl house. They share an unusual friendship with the origin of their first meeting, which is currently unknown. Similar to Luz, Eda seems to take responsibility for King's welfare and genuinely care for him like a child or a pet, and is shown holding him like a child. However, the two regularly joke with each other. Eda tends to "look down" on King, figuratively as well as literally, and sometimes questions his personal knowledge. However, they speak on an equal footing and Eda enjoys King's company, possibly because otherwise she would be lonely without him and Luz.

Lilith Thorn Claw

Even if we fight, you are my sister.“— Eda to Lilith

Eda and Lilith are sisters and have a sibling rivalry. Eda makes fun of Lilith for her streamlined ways of using magic rather than using it in free form. While they're bitter with each other, there seems to be a certain longing for a reconciliation, at least on Lilith's side. "Die Menschen AG" states that in her and Lilith's school days, Eda summoned an army of atrocities when Lilith's lunch money was stolen, showing that she was very defensive when she was younger. Everything changed, however, when Lilith tried to catch Eda for Emperor Belos. It is revealed in "The Healing Hat" that Lilith takes care of Eda and believes that he will heal her sister by helping the Emperor. Although Lilith is also shown to feel inferior to Eda, which Eda supports through her bragging rights, she is better than Lilith. During their struggle, Lilith reveals her dark secret in a jealous fit: she was the one who cursed Eda, a decision she seems to regret. Despite this, she watches as Eda uses up all her magic and falls under her curse, whereupon she can take her sister prisoner. In "Young Blood and Old Souls", however, Lilith really feels guilty for what she has done to her sister and wants to make it up to her and turns against Emperor Belos after he has cheated on her. After her escape, Lilith casts a spell that causes her to share the curse with Eda.


  • Her long silver crowned hair combined with her big yellow eyes makes her easily reminiscent of an owl that matches her title. She also sleeps in a nest instead of a bed, coughs pellets, and is attracted to shiny objects.
  • Eda's hairstyle is similar to that of Ryoko Hakubi from the anime series Tenchi Muyo!.
  • Wendie Malick compares Eda to her character Just Shoot Me, Nina Van Horn, due to their similar personality and the way they dress.
  • After the events of Amity's Diary, Eda shows symptoms of Empty Nest Syndrome. While this is obviously intended as a one-off joke, the fact that Eda is an owl may be the reason for this as well.
  • While her size is unknown, the "Body Swap" episode gives a slight indication that she is at least under 6'5 "(approx. 183 cm) tall as she wears high heels and her hair is 7'5" (approx. 214 cm) make it look tall.
  • Eda has a lot in common and is most likely based on the legend of La Lechuza. In Mexican folklore, La Lechuza is a woman during the day and an owl at night. In some legends, Lechuza was a witch who sold her soul to live forever. In other versions, Lechuza was a woman who lost her child and was cursed as an owl. Based on the various statements, Lechuza would either simply curse someone who looks at her, or kidnap or even kill children who come near her.
  • Apparently Eda is much younger than she looks and she is aging faster because of her curse.
    • According to Incident No. 3421, Eda and Lilith visited Hexstein together when they were young. In "Kampfgeist" there is a photo of them playing Grudby together. Neither of them shows signs of being older than the other. On her Reddit AMA, Dana Terrace stated that Lilith was two years older.
    • As a child, Eda's hair was naturally orange. Its current gray color is a result of her curse, as Lillith confirmed in "Kampfgeist".
    • According to Eda in "Emotion and Failure", it is a sign that her curse gets worse and worse when she sees more wrinkles.
  • According to Dana Terrace, Eda was once in Las Vegas and "wasn't impressed".