Why do students trust Quizlet


Sometimes the parents tell us that it is initially a change for them because they have over homework (the one used from elementary school) Insight into the learning and working status of your child is missing. This uncertainty is understandable and we ask you, as parents, for your trust. The structures have proven themselves in everyday life:

  • You have one about the weekly plans and proof of success feedback about what is going well and what still needs to be practiced.
  • Regular contact between teachers and parents ensures that you are well informed about the current level of development. If you have any questions or need information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the teachers.
  • We as a school attach great importance to them Communication with parents. We have resolved to contact you in the event of any difficulties or problems your children have, following the motto: We'd rather pick up the phone too much ...
  • Of course, working materials and books can also be taken home at the GMS. If you want this, discuss this with your child and, if necessary, with the class teacher.

Many parents tell us about it positive experiences with homework practice, especially because the much-cited one "Daily struggle" at home with homework is no longer necessary and the family coexistence is no longer so burdened.