Which gases are a mixture of biogas

The number of biogas plants in Germany has risen sharply in recent years and growth continues. As a global solution partner, Linde has in-depth expertise in this area in the areas of gas analysis and engineering for all plant sizes. Linde supports you with the testing of gas warning systems, the implementation of quality controls, calibrations or the control of processes. Specialty gases from Linde ensure quality at every measuring point in the biogas plant and guarantee reliable plant process control and quality monitoring.

Within the HiQ range® Linde produces specialty gases that meet special requirements in terms of manufacturing tolerance, analytical accuracy and the purity of the starting products. These gases are mainly used in the calibration of measuring devices.

Depending on customer requirements, test gases can be produced with one or more admixtures in a base gas from the lower ppb to% range. Linde has experience with more than 500 pure gases or vapors as admixtures for gas mixtures.

Our portfolio includes test gas / calibration mixtures with the following components (compositions and concentrations according to customer requirements) for process control of the biogas plant and measurement of the biogas quality: Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H.2S), oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H2), Ammonia (NH3) and more. In addition, we also offer certified multi-component mixtures for calibration measurements at the feed point using PGC, e.g. 11D, 11M, 9M, 9E, 6H, 6L.