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Translation of "I peel back the" in German

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I peel back the layers and expose it.
I peel back the layers and expose it.

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Undermind. Apartment sized. Peel back the skin.
Undermind. Apartment size. Pull the Go away.
Peel back the corners of the center figure.
It's like you peel back the curtains to reveal the mystery of oz.
This is as if man the curtains pulls aside to reveal the secret of Oz.
Peel back the corner so he went beyond the figures.
Peel back the corners on the other side.
We could peel back the cellophane together.
Peel back the specified part and turn the product on the other side.
Pull that indicated part and turn the product on the other side.
Peel back the Layers to examine each individual organ and learn about the phases of amphibian life - from egg, to tadpole to full-fledged frog.
Work your way through the Layers, explore each organ and learn more about the phases of amphibious life - from egg to tadpole to fully developed frog.
Peel back the corners to the middle of the parties.
Peel back the lid from the clear plastic vial adapter package.
Drag the Remove the protective film from the clear plastic packaging of the adapter.
Peel back the lid from the clear plastic vial adapter package.
Drag the Foil from the clear packaging of the adapter for the vial.
Peel back the outer layer: starting at the colored corner, lift and peel over the pocket.
Step 2: Start at the corner edge of the film guard and peel back the outer edge as shown in the illustration below.
Step 2: take a corner of the protective film and the outer edge as described in the picture below withdraw.
I spoke with Mathilda at great length, attempted to peel back the fiction she had come to live, to see what she lived before.
Tried to break through the dream world in the she lives now to see how she lived before.
Cut first at the ankle joints, snap the tendons, start to peel back the pelt.
First a cut in the ankle joints, you tear the tendons, then catch man at that Peel off fur.
You know, so he can peel back the onion?
Numerous furrows can be seen, which partly peel back the varnish and printing ink surface, as well as the coating on the cardboard.
A multitude of furrows can be recognized the Lacquer and printing ink layer as well as the line of the cardboard partially uncover.
Our dedicated local guides will peel back the pages of history to show you those now tranquil sites where many decades ago a generation fell and the world changed forever.
Our interpreters and Leader help you the To remember history and past because of the happy future.
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