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Tracking blocker. Shows background connections from apps and offers to stop them one by one. Useful for uncovering trackers and blocking ads. More information in our video and on the Blokada website. Available in F-Droid.


Keyboard app from Switzerland. Promises to automatically correct the majority of typos. Free from advertising and tracking, the app does not go online. The full version is available for a fee, available in the Google Play Store.


Calendar app for Android and Windows. Synchronizes your appointments under optimal privacy conditions across multiple devices, costs: 18 euros per year. The provider is the German developer Daniel Manger. More information on the Calendar website and in our text Replace Android apps: Calendar. Available on Google Play.

Secure your phone

Backup app. Works without rooting the device. You can use it to back up your SMS, contacts, call lists, the calendar and app data such as game statuses. The best of the available apps of its kind, unfortunately not ad-free. You can find our instructions here: How to use the "Secure your mobile phone" app. Available on Google Play.

My Phone Explorer

Backup app. It is particularly suitable for synchronizing address book data between Android mobile phones and PCs, but can do even more. Free and ad-free. Here are the instructions: Back up contacts with MyPhoneExplorer. Available on Google Play.


Email app from the Netherlands. Open-source, data-saving and well-maintained, supplemented by security functions. In the basic version free of charge, full version subject to a charge. Click here for the video E-Mails on the mobile phone: These apps are safe (Android). Available in F-Droid and Google Play.

K-9 mail

Email app developed by a volunteer team. Simple design, data saving, free and open source. Click here for the video E-Mails on the mobile phone: These apps are safe (Android). Available in F-Droid and Google Play.


Email app for kids. Child-friendly design, allows parenting control. Especially suitable for small children. American provider, the app unfortunately contains Google's analysis service. More information here: A brief introduction to the Tocomail children's app. Available on Google Play.

YouTube kids

Variant of the YouTube app. The content is filtered and parents can set time limits. Conclusion: We see room for improvement, but the kids version is much more suitable for children than the normal YouTube app. Check out our article on YouTube Kids here. Available on Google Play.

Simple gallery

Photo gallery app without internet access. Belongs to the highly recommended series of Simple Mobile Tools against Bloatware. Available in F-Droid (donations welcome), for a fee in the Google Play Store. A proprietary element for image processing was added to Google Play, so not entirely open-source. Click here for the text Replacing Android Apps: Photo Gallery. Available in F-Droid and Google Play.

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