How grateful you are for this harvest festival

On Sunday we had a very special service:

The children's staff had planned the Thanksgiving service with the children of the children's service groups.

What am I grateful for? What are you grateful for

... for my Lego, ... for my siblings, .... for food and drink, ... for our guinea pigs, ... for my little treasure chest, ... for my wife, ... for ours Children in the community, ... for my grandson, ... for friends, ... for jobs and responsible employers, ... for the summer vacation on the beach ....

Some children added something to the richly decorated Thanksgiving altar, while the adults were allowed to put beautiful dahlias in a vase and we realized again how abundantly gifted we are from God.

Then came the little "God's diamonds" (3-6y.) Who prayed with us the psalm prayer "Taste and see how friendly the Lord is" while holding up colorful pictures so that everyone understood what it was about.

The bigger "Bible explorers" (7-11j) took us with their play into the post-war period, in which a body of bread that is always given because the recipient perceives the needs of others and wants to help them. How do we deal with gifts and the needs of our fellow human beings? Is love in sharing visible in our life or do we just look to our advantage, our life ..?!

In the worship time that followed we honored God together with our songs as the Creator of all gifts and the Lord of this world. How nice when young and old worship God together.

After the final blessing, we remodeled and then, after the obligatory coffee, enjoyed lunch together and let the morning end comfortably.

Life is not just giving thanks, not just golden moments that should last forever ... but life and God in the middle.