What exercises make the thighs thicker

Slimming thighs: tips and exercises

Losing weight on the thigh: the best tips and exercises

We'll tell you here which sports exercises and which diet you can use to get firmer thighs!

In addition to the stomach and legs, the thighs are one of the classic problem areas and many women dream of looking much more defined and slimmer there.But which exercises are helpful and which diet can help us lose weight on our legs? One thing is certain: if you want to get rid of your saddlebags, you cannot avoid a combination of endurance sports, strength training and a healthy diet that stimulates the metabolism. You can read in the following text which tips you can use to declare war on the fat pads and what you have to pay attention to and even more on the subject.

Lose weight on the thigh: how do I lose weight on the thighs?

Only lose weight on the legs: Those who go on a diet usually want to lose weight all over their body. But sometimes this is not necessary - for example, if you only want to lose weight on your thighs because you are happy with the rest of your body. You don't have to do any of these diets to lose weight just on your thighs, as there are several additional options: With Sport and discipline you can build muscle tissue on the thighs and thus reduce the girth. Problem area? Then it was yesterday! If you combine your exercise program with a healthy diet, you stimulate your metabolism and losing weight on the thighs happens faster than expected. The key to success: endurance sports and a healthy diet! Breeches were yesterday. However, if stubborn fat deposits do not dissolve into thin air even with exercise and diet, a fat-away injection or fat removal might be an option. With the fat-away injection, a substance is injected into the tissue that literally dissolves the fat into air.

The fat distribution pattern plays a major role

Please keep in mind that you should never feel compelled to lose weight. You are as great as you are and nobody should tell you anything negative! Because each and every one of us is different. It is completely normal for a few fat deposits to accumulate here and there. In women in particular, it depends on the individual fat distribution pattern and their own anatomy. When it comes to the fat distribution pattern, a distinction is made between the two sexes. Women complain about the stomach, legs and buttocks as problem areas. Men have given up on their love handles.

Lose leg fat: where does the fat on the inside of the thigh come from?

The fat pads on the inside of the thighs accumulate over the course of life. Fat cells are formed and thus the resulting saddlebags. We all have fat cells in our bodies - some more, some less. The problem areas are mostly a question of disposition. Unfortunately, the chances are high if female family members are already struggling with the annoying leg fat on their thighs. Healthy eating and regular workouts go hand in hand - this is how the bed fat is converted into muscles and burned by the right foods!

What foods make the thighs fat?

Basically, if you want to have firm thighs, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Excessive consumption of fast food and greasy items is more likely to make your thighs thicker and increase your risk of developing cellulite. Nuts, lean meat, tofu and lots of vegetables ensure that your body healthy and important nutrients can absorb - and these are sure to benefit your thighs! So if you want to have great thighs in the long term, you have to have one Accept a change in diet!

Can Fasting Help Reduce Inner Thigh Fat?

In order to get beautiful, toned thighs, the excess fat has to go away. But you don't necessarily get that with an extensive fasting period. Strength training and extensive leg exercises are much more effective - a regular workoutthat focuses on the strength of the legs. If you then eat healthily, you have half the battle and will quickly get closer to your goal!

How many times a week should I do leg exercises and / or endurance sports to see results?

Regular workouts are required to see results. Every two weeks to the gym for an hour? That will not work! But you don't have to train 5 days a week either. 2-3 times a week over a longer period of time, but will most likely cause your body to slowly adjust.

The best exercises to specifically lose weight on the thigh

Regular exercise is a must if you want to get rid of the unloved fat deposits on your thighs. An effective method is targeted Strength training. As a result, you build muscle specifically where you want to burn the fat. The best way to do this is to go to a gym and train according to a professionally developed training plan. There are countless devices that you can use to do the Inner thigh can train so that you then lose weight on the thighs and your problem area quickly looks more defined.

Lose weight on the thighs: this is the right way to do it

1. The adductor

Don't skip leg day! Yes, we read that a lot and we also meet the living examples on the street. If you want to train your body, you should definitely train your legs. Most of us avoid leg training because they know exactly how painful muscle soreness can be. However, it is really advisable to devote yourself to training your thighs. By the way, most of the thigh exercises also train your bum!

Similar to the upper arm (biceps, triceps), there is the in the thigh Quadriceps (Leg extension) and the Hamstrings (Hamstrings). The hamstrings run down the back of the thigh. The inside of the thighs are called Adductors designated. By now at the latest, the gym goers among us should notice that there is an adductor in the gym. This device is responsible for tightening the inner thighs.

With the adductor device, the weight is compressed with the force of the thighs. You sit on the device, adjust the mechanism and open the bracket. You should now sit on the device with your legs spread apart, with the brackets at the height of your knees. Press your butt against the lower part of the seat and your back against the upper part. Extend your chest - so that you form a slight hollow back. This should take some of the strain off your intervertebral discs.

Now start to compress your thighs in the middle. Pay attention to your breathing. As you squeeze your thighs, exhale. The pressure should only be generated above the knees. Now you breathe out again and slowly let your thighs apart again. As soon as you feel pressure on your feet, you know that you are not doing the exercise properly.

2. Squats with weights

Squats, better known as squats, can become a real supreme discipline with the help of weights. In this exercise, the inner thighs (adductors) are stressed properly. Stand here on a barbell and position it on the back of your shoulder. Your legs are shoulder-width apart for the squats. Tense your abdominal muscles, your back is in a slightly hollow back.

Now you slowly go down, your bum is stretched back and your upper body is forward. You breathe in as you do this. Once your thighs are parallel to the floor, slowly go back up and exhale.

Lose Thigh Weight: Exercises To Do At Home

But you can also do a few exercises at home to tone your legs and lose weight on your thighs:

1. Leg slider: To do this, lie on your back and stretch your legs upwards so that the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling. Now touch your head with your fingertips, lift your hips up with your abdominal muscles.

2. Floor scale: Balance exercises should not be underestimated! Even if they look super easy, it's pretty hard to keep your balance. The floor scale pays off when it comes to getting your thighs in shape!

3. Side lifter: For this, too, you lie down on the floor in a side position. Now stretch your arm up and move your legs up and down. Tense your abdominal muscles.

4. Leg balance: In the leg balance exercise, you tense your stomach, direct your gaze forward and stretch your arms out to the sides. Then you pull up your right leg and pull up your left arm so that your arm elbow and your knee touch. You repeat the whole thing with your left leg and right arm. A total of 3 sets of 15 repetitions are sufficient! The leg balance exercise is more effective than it looks and also super easy - so perfect for beginners!

You can do it this easily:

You stand upright, tense your stomach tightly. The all of your weight is on your left leg. Carefully loosen your right leg from the floor and bend your upper body forward with your arm stretched out. Try to lift your right leg to about waist height. The left leg should be slightly bent. If it seems too difficult for you, this Leg at hip height reach out, you should start slowly! Gradually you can then raise your leg further. Try to do the exercise three times for 15 seconds each time.

5. Lunge:Stand up straight, take a big step forward and bend your knees with your front leg. The back leg remains straight and almost touches the floor. Hold for 20 seconds, straighten up and repeat about 20 times.

6. Pool lift: Lie on your back with your legs hip-width apart and raise and lower your pelvis 20 times. After a short break, repeat the exercise two more times.

7. The bridge: Lie on your back with your legs hip-width apart, your arms on the floor with your palms facing down. Raise your pelvis until your thighs and knees are in line. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower your pelvis again and repeat the exercise 20 times.

8. Leg lifter: With the leg lifter you can do your Train your stomach, legs and buttocks at the same time. And: You can easily complete the exercise in your living room. Get into the for the leg lift Quadruped stand and support yourself with your elbows. Then lift one leg off the floor - the sole of the foot points upwards and is pushed further towards the ceiling. Hold the position for two seconds and then move your leg back towards you. 12 repetitions and then switch sides.

Lose weight on the thigh with endurance sports

Quality compensatory sportsto lose girth on the legs and especially on the thighs swim, to go biking and Walking. Exercise is important in order to relax the muscles that have been tense through strength training, which also has a positive effect on body firmness and endurance.

The Nordic walking is not only a running technique, but also a healthy sport that ensures balance of the body and even strain on the hips and muscles in the entire musculoskeletal system. Nordic walking benefits from the physiological, diagonal movement sequence during Walking due to the conscious use of poles. The moderate fitness is a fun one Outdoor endurance trainingwhich is similar to cross-country skiing. The training intensity at Nordic walking can through to jog or Jumping upgraded and made even more varied.

How do I tell the difference between fat on the thigh and lipedema?

In order to distinguish lipedema from fat on the thigh, the different symptoms must apply to you:

  • With lipedema, you feel pain
  • The surface of your skin shows dents and bruises, the so-called "mattress skin"
  • You have water retention in your legs
  • The connective tissue under the skin is hardened
  • Visible fat bulges and inflamed areas of the skin appear

If you have increasing pain, you should definitely consult a specialist. This can determine the degree of hardness in the case of lipedema and help you with a subsequent treatment.

Inner thigh: Target leg fat in a targeted manner

Where does the fat on the inside of the thigh come from and how do I get rid of leg fat quickly? The fat cells in the thighs do not change over the years. So the body fat stays the same. The fat distribution pattern has been the same since youth, only the fat cells get bigger over the years. That means: the leg fat automatically works more. In addition to fitness exercises, there is another trick to specifically target fat removal on the inside of the thigh: to go jogging. It is difficult to reduce body fat in a single place. When jogging you burn a lot of calories in a short time. Would you like to learn to jog? Then you can find the information here.

If you are on a low-calorie diet, you will have a large calorie deficit. This calorie deficit means that you lose fat on your body, i.e. your entire body. Accordingly, leg fat would be reduced. So we cannot influence the fat distribution pattern in specific places and thus lose the leg fat.

Fat Removal: The Last Option To Lose Leg Fat?

Of course, like any surgical procedure, fat removal involves risks and should be carefully considered. The best thing to do is to look for a doctor who you can really trust and who feel that you are in good hands. Even if you want to undergo fat removal on your thighs, you should always keep in mind that new fat deposits can arise. So it is important to eat more healthily in order to keep your figure. So the easy way would not be to rely on fat removal, but to switch to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Lose weight on the thighs with the right diet

The golden rule for losing weight on your thighs is: Starving doesn't help. Instead, you should eat low-fat, high-fiber foods and spread your hunger over several small meals a day. In this way you stimulate fat burning and banish your problem area. Try to change your diet and make surehealthy food to eat and replace carbohydrates. It is best to keep your sugary and fatty foods to a minimum and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Replaces white flour products whole grain products. You should also drink at least three liters of water or unsweetened tea a day. You should avoid alcohol, because it has just as many calories as sweets.

Food to bet on: Eggs, lean meat, nuts, and fish.

What is Callanetics?

Anyone looking to lose weight on their thighs stumbles upon the term Callanetics - a mixture of yoga, ballet and gymnastics, which is particularly suitable for losing weight on the buttocks and thighs. Success is achieved through frequent repetition of light movements. This makes the whole body firmer without looking too muscular overall.

Are Steppers Effective for Losing Weight on Your Thighs?

Aren't the usual exercises, jogging and stairs enough? Naturally! But some people need an extra incentive to find serious fitness equipment that makes them feel like they're doing even more to take on pesky fat deposits on their thighs and inner thighs. Steppers are available in different lengths, widths and heights. The exercises described above, if performed correctly, intensify their effect on the stepper! Buttocks and thighs are noticeably stressed and tightened over time. It's exhausting, you work up a sweat, you lose fat and you gain muscle mass. A few minutes a day are enough - or two to three intensive, longer units a week.

Lose weight on your thighs by inline skating?

Our thighs also become more defined by inline skating. Daily training will make you more muscular and therefore firmer.

Fat calves? Tips for losing weight on the lower leg

Thin, wiry, fine muscles - this is what most women want to look like today. This means above all: a lot of discipline, a lot of sport with your own body weight and a very healthy, balanced diet. You should keep your hands off protein supplements. The muscles only pump themselves up artificially. And you shouldn't overdo it with weights in the gym.Aside from the self-controllable muscle stimuli, many of us simply play them Genes a role.

Unfortunately, fat calves can rarely be reduced through diet or exercise. And strong, muscular thighs are the result of a sporty and healthy life. Remember: Exercise is good for your body and allows you to eat more because you burn the calories and fatty acids again. A side effect is a beautiful, fit body and great posture. Really thin legs cannot be trained. We think that if you naturally do not have thin legs, then they would not suit you either if you are so hungry that you can get them. Better love your body exactly as it is! Because that's how he suits you!

More tips and tricks for leaner thighs

It's not just exercise that can help you slim your thighs! That's why we have two little insider tips ready for you.

  1. Include legumes in the nutrition plan: Beans and peas are real slimming products because they contain a lot of protein, but at the same time have few calories and are rich in various fiber. The effect: the protein-rich legumes melt the fat on your legs better!
  2. Try alternating showers: Alternating showers don't just rain the blood circulation on, but also activate your metabolism and thus fat burning. All you have to do is shower your thighs with cold and then warm water. Scrubs and regular massages can also help tone the thighs.
  3. Incorporate scrubs and massages into your beauty routine: To stimulate blood circulation, we recommend massaging your thighs regularly. Among other things, there is the well-known Tuina massage, which comes from Chinese medicine and is said to work wonders, especially against cellulite. But massage rollers, which you can simply use at home, also wonderfully massage the connective tissue on the thighs. A corresponding peeling rounds off the small beauty treatment.

Styling tips: this is how thighs look narrower in clothing

With the right styling, you can of course change a lot of the look of your thighs! Among other things, A-line skirts can distract from your thighs. It is important that you choose increasingly dark colors, as these always make you look narrower. Signal colors such as red, purple, yellow and Co. like to apply. Those who prefer trousers should try straight leg jeans or mom jeans. These cuts hide strong thighs, as they create a more harmonious silhouette overall through the wider leg. With the right style, you can easily do without any fat removal or other interventions. Clothes make a big difference. But wear what you like best and not what others might like. You are great the way you are!

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