What do you think is wrong

"What you don't think right, you have to live wrong."

A forgotten philosopher is rediscovered: Constantin Brunner (1862-1937), a widely read and discussed thinker in the early 20th century and one of the most innovative philosophers of the modern age, is again made accessible to a wider readership in this anthology after the Shoah and World War II had pushed his work out of the public eye.
Brunner, a private scholar outside of academic philosophy, was a revolutionary in many ways: his theory of movement has parallels to the theory of relativity, his theory of intellectual thought contains the concept of a transcendence-free and life-reforming spirituality and his enlightenment political philosophy deals intensively with the phenomenon of anti-Semitism apart. Not only philosophy, but also cultural studies have begun to perceive Brunner again.
This reader brings together representative and previously difficult to access texts from the entire range of Brunner's philosophy. The collection of texts is supplemented by an introduction to Brunner's thinking as well as an appendix with a detailed timetable and a bibliography.

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