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New: luca app starts in the Reutlingen district

The information on this page comes from the operator of the luca app, culture4life GmbH Berlin.

The luca app has already started in the Reutlingen district - among other things, it offers one

  • Fast and complete contact tracing in exchange with the Reutlingen District Health Office
  • Direct notification of risk assessment by the district health office
  • automatically generated and personal contact and visit history

How does luca work?

luca has three central interfaces - the host, the guest / user and the health department. As a guest, I log in to the app with my data on a mobile device. luca generates a QR code that changes every minute and is assigned to my device. With this “pass” I can check into locations - regardless of whether it is a weekly market, church, restaurant, shop or family gathering. All the "host" needs is a cell phone with the luca app. I check in with my host via scan and am automatically logged out, for example, when I leave the location. If an infection occurs, all guests at this location who were there at the relevant time will be informed. At the same time, the health department is informed, which then automatically has access to the data of the other guests. The app also offers a contact diary. Here I can see where I was and when for up to 30 days - exactly the contact diary recommended by virologists like Christian Drosten. You can check in securely with luca even without a smartphone.

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