How fast is the fastest helicopter

The Eurocopter X3 even overtakes Formula 1 racers472 km / h! The fastest helicopter in the world

Half helicopter, half airplane: the Eurocopter X3 is a so-called “hybrid helicopter” - and a damn faster one. In the climb he takes 2130 meters per minute. And straight ahead it even overtakes a Formula 1 racer.

On a test flight near Marseille (France) a prototype of the X3 reached exactly 472 km / h - a world record!

The "Hybrid"This"Hybridhelicopter “has nothing to do with saving fuel (like with a car). Rather, it reveals a new construction principle. It combines the advantages of a helicopter with the speed of propeller aircraft. Therefore, the X3 not only has a large main rotor (12.5 m wingspan), but also two additional propellers attached to stub blades. They are driven by two 2300 hp gas turbines each. On the other hand, a tail rotor was completely dispensed with.

Test pilot Hervé Jammayrac is enthusiastic about the flight characteristics of the 5.2 ton record helicopter: "It shows excellent stability and low vibration levels." And its speed speaks for itself anyway.

The X3 is by no means fully developed. However, the costs for this were reduced by the so-called "shelf construction". This means that Eurocopter used parts from finished and tried-and-tested models for the design. That saved a lot of expensive new developments.

This may be a decisive advantage later on. Because the X3 should not be used by the military, where not only the costs decide on the purchase, but it will serve as a rescue helicopter and workers fly on oil rigs. Or it could take off as an air taxi in overcrowded mega-cities (variants with up to 40 seats are planned for this).

In short: what will be on the price tag also determines its future sales success. However, this number has not yet been determined.