How does Obamacare ACA affect chiropractors

Eligibility limits according to the Affordable Care Act according to plan level [closed]

Thank you for everyone who helped me with this question .......! Atlast I have the answer to the question about the annual limit, life limits.

The Affordable Care Act prohibits health plans from limiting most of the benefits they receive to annual or lifetime benefits.

Lifetime Restrictions Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, lifetime restrictions are banned on most health insurance or insurance policy benefits. Previously, many plans had a lifetime limit - a dollar limit on how much you could spend on your insured benefits for the entire time you were on that plan. They had to pay the cost of all care that exceeded these limits.

Annual Limits The Affordable Care Act prohibits annual dollar limits that all occupational plans and individual health insurance plans can place on most covered health benefits. Before the Health Act, many health plans had an annual limit - a dollar limit on their annual spending on your insured benefits. They had to pay the cost of all care that exceeded these limits.

In 2010, the annual limit is $ 750,000. In 2011 the annual limit is $ 1.2 million. In 2014 the annual limit is USD 2.0 million

However, with the new OBAMA CARE ACT, all limits are banned and there are ten 10 key benefits to all Heath insurance plans

1. Outpatient services (outpatient care that you receive without being admitted to hospital) 2. Emergency services 3. Hospitalization (such as surgeries and overnight stays) 4. Pregnancy, maternity and neonatal care (both before and after birth) 5. Mental health and substance disorder services, including behavioral health treatments (including counseling and psychotherapy) 6. Prescription drugs 7. Rehabilitation and habilitative services and devices (services and devices that help people with injuries, disabilities, or chronic illnesses treat mental and psychological disorders physical skills) 8. Laboratory services 9. Prevention, wellness, and chronic disease management 10. Pediatric services, including oral and visual care (but adult dental and visual care is not essential for health benefits)