Twins can have different fathers

Can twins have different fathers?

When twins are born, many ask themselves whether dizygoti twins can have two fathers. Is that even possible?

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1. Two-parted twins with different skin colors

Of course, one would never doubt that twins, or even identical twins, have the same father, because after all, they are children who are born a few minutes in a row. Therefore, for a long time it was absolutely certain that twins always had to descend from the same father. Then, however, there was the case that twins were born in England, one white and the other black. Of course you were amazed at first and then asked yourself how this could even be possible. Since then, there have been four more cases of identical twins from two different fathers.

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2. Can twins have two fathers?

Now, of course, one wonders how this is even possible. In the case of dizygotic twins, although two egg cells mature at the same time, this does not necessarily mean that they are also fertilized at the same time. So it is quite possible that the twins were conceived a few days apart and that the twins' parents consist of two fathers. Gemini, who was later conceived, has a few days less development time. So it is not necessarily the case that twins automatically have the same father. Although this is difficult to imagine, it is absolutely scientifically understandable.

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3. Heteropaternal superfecation

Experts call this phenomenon Heteropaternal superfecation. Only a handful of such cases are really known. There are certainly many more half-siblings among twins in the world. In the case of dizygoti twins it is not so noticeable after all. Unless, of course, the children are of different skin colors. One thing is certain, however, the mother's DNA is the same in every twin.

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Either way, it is a miracle for all parents with twins that they have twins. When the pregnancy is over and healthy children have been born, the relief is great. If there is also the special case that dizygoti twins have two different fathers, a paternity test can also be carried out to find out whether it is really me or whether the little ones look very dissimilar.

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