How do I use punctuation correctly?

The colon

There are many situations in which you will use the colon.

  • With a colon you indicate that now something followsthat the previous sentence continues.

   curriculum vitae
Name: Petra Muster

  • The colon is an integral part of the verbatim speech:

   Petra said: "I like this book a lot."

  • Also in and before Enumerations does the colon play a major role:

   We are looking for the upcoming fundraising campaign: bed linen,
Towels, toys and books.

  • When you respond to something that you said before particularly point out want / a conclusion want to draw from the above:

   Have and good: everything is lost.

The semicolon

  • A semicolon is used to delimit equivalent sentences from each other.
  • The semicolon is worth less than a point in this context, but more than a comma, with these punctuation marks you also separate sentences of equal value from one another.

   Barbara had missed the flight; that's why she came first
one day later in Germany.

  • The semicolon can also be used as a bullet point can be used, namely when the category changes:

   book $$ rarr $$ book, sample book; book (german)

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