You can return bras to Walmart

Lingerie disaster

There are some things that I particularly hate to buy, but now I need them. Shoes, for example, or bras. The latter are almost only available in popular clothing stores with these stupid, pre-formed cups, which by no means support my bust size, but fail miserably against gravity and then hang uncomfortably on my tenth rib somewhere. Or they have a thousand frills and bows and, above all, lace or decorative piping, to which my skin reacts with itching of epic proportions. And at a two-letter fashion house in Neukölln, the choice below plus sizes is as good as nonexistent.

In general ... so imagine men's underwear with so much decorative fuss ... does the female intimate zone have to be decorated with flowers, bows, lace? Isn't it conceivable that women don't want to wrap themselves up “sexy” and “pretty” all the time, but want something for every day that, above all, works and is comfortable? (So ​​far, by the way, almost none of my partners have been interested in my lingerie. Neither do I: the content was much more exciting. Quite apart from that, hmmm, can't minimalism also be sexy? Do I only become sexy with the appropriate decoration?) That's me so eccentric?

Oh, and: I hate shopping for clothes. I hate trying on (unavoidable with my non-standard body). (Which is why mail order business is hardly an option, or only for relatively uncritical items such as T-shirts: I just don't like the hiccups with exchanging them.) I don't want to hunt for days after something that simply works on a daily basis Rummage through umpteen changing rooms until I've found something that fits at least somewhat, fulfills its function, and doesn't itch or itch. Especially not with something as banal as a bra. I enjoy shopping with technology and books and handicrafts, but not with clothes, precisely because of these annoying trying-on experiences.

In any case, now I'm sitting here and realize that the part I'm wearing underneath, and the good fit I was still happy about yesterday, itches and itches like nothing good. I'll probably go to complain.

Please, dear underwear manufacturers: Why can't I find bras in all-world sizes like, let's say, those between 75B and 85C without those annoying pre-shaped cups, preferably without underwire, that support comfortably, that have no frills, bows, tips, etc. (am I a doll?) that are friendly to my sensitive skin, do not take away the air to breathe and with which I can still wear a neckline? (You can't do that with the chaste sports bras.) In a color other than boring, chaste white? In other words: minimalist, functional underwear. That’s what I want. If someone finds you: please report.

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