Has anyone won the Game of Thrones?

"Game of Thrones": The end is explained and these questions are still open

After eight years, the epic saga of ice and fire has come to an end. We summarize the final episode of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones" and take up the most important questions.

- Warning, spoilers at the end of "Game of Thrones" -

The Game of Thrones Ending: The Summary

The series finale continues where we last left off. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has reached the goal of her dreams: Cersei (Lena Headey) is dead, King's Landing conquered, the Iron Throne belongs to her. Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Jon Schnee (Kit Harington) run through the destroyed King's Landing in shock. During a detour to the Red Keep, Tyrion discovers Jaimes and Cersei's bodies.

Daenerys meanwhile gives a speech in which she calls on the Immaculate and Dothraki to "liberate" the rest of the world. Tyrion resigns as her right hand in anger and is imprisoned by Daenerys for his betrayal.

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Jon witnesses Gray Worm executing prisoners of war at Daenerys' orders. He later visits Tyrion, who tries to win Jon over to his side. Tyrion once believed that Daenerys wanted to create a better world. After the destruction of King's Landing, he has to agree with Varys. Daenerys is not looking for prosperity and peace for Westeros, but rather fire and blood. Despite the very good arguments, Jon seems to hesitate, even if he is plagued by visible doubts.

Here you will find small and big questions that the series finale only partially answered:

Jon kills Daenerys: The End of a Dynasty

After talking to Tyrion, Jon goes to the throne room, where Daenerys reverently touches the Iron Throne. When he asks her why she kills innocent people, Daenerys gives the typical tyrant answer: The ends justify the means! She would like to build a better world, but first the representatives of the old order have to burn. Jon realizes that Daenerys will conquer the entire kingdom, including Winterfell, by force.

That's why he finally decides against his love for Daenerys and his duty to the people. Jon aka Aegon Targaryen kisses his aunt / queen / lover one last time and rams a dagger into her body. Daenerys dies wordlessly in his arms.

Drogon instinctively rushes over and tries in vain to wake his mother. Sadly, he destroys the Iron Throne and flies away across the sea with Daenerys' corpse. He spares the actual killer Jon. We will probably never know whether this was intentional or a mistake. In our other article, we wonder where Drogon might be flying to.

"Bran the Broken" sits on the Iron Throne at the end

After a leap in time of a few weeks, the lords of the great houses gather in the dragon pit. Gray Worm took control of King's Landing after Daenerys died. Now it is time to decide on the future of the Seven Kingdoms.

The great council consists of the following representatives:

  • Edmure Tully, Lord of Schnellwasser
  • Gendry, Lord of Storm's Cape
  • Samwell Tarly, lord of House Tarly, who served as vassals to the Tyrells
  • Arya Stark, Bran Stark and Sansa Stark as representatives of the north
  • Asha Graufreud, representing the Iron Islands
  • Robin Arryn, Lord von Hohenehr, and his advisor Yohn Royce
  • Ser Brienne of Tarth
  • Ser Davos sea value
  • the nameless Prince of Dorne
  • four nameless lords

Gray Worm plans to have Tyrion and Jon executed for betraying Daenerys. But Tyrion saves himself with a witty speech in which he proposes Bran as king. The council votes in favor and thus "Bran the Broken" is the new ruler of Westeros. Tyrion's “punishment” is to act as a hand to make amends for one's old mistakes. And Jon has to continue his night watch duty.

In addition, Sansa pleads for the independence of the north, which is approved by Bran. Gray worm reluctantly settles for the council's decision and sails east with the Dothraki and the Immaculate. The Dothraki will probably rejoin their people and the Immaculate will protect Missandei's home island of Naath from now on.

Some time later, Bran's government holds its first meeting:

  • Tyrion is the hand of the king
  • Bronn is now Lord of Rosengarten and Master of Mint
  • Samwell is a grand maester
  • Ser Davos is master of the ships
  • Ser Brienne is in command of the Kings Guard
  • Podrick is also with the Kings Guard and Bran's personal lackey

Three positions in the small council are still open at the end: Master of the Whisperers (once Varys) and Master of the Law (once Kevan Lannister). The title of Master of War was only recently established by Cersei. The council is still looking for suitable candidates for the positions. As a little meta-gag, Samwell presents the book "A Song of Ice and Fire", in which the war after Robert Baratheon's rebellion is retold. Ironically, despite its key role, Tyrion does not appear in the maester's writings.

Bran enters the room and announces that he will look for the escaped Drogon. Incidentally, Brienne writes Jaime's deeds in the book of the brothers, where she describes him as an honorable man.

The Starks go their separate ways

Sansa is declared the Independent Queen of the North in Winterfell. Arya tearfully says goodbye to her family before disappearing on a journey of discovery west of Westeros. Jon returns to the Black Fortress in the black uniform of the Night's Watch. Instead of starting his sentence, however, he travels behind the wall with Tormund, the Wildlingen and direwolf Geist - who finally gets his well-deserved pats. Jon will eventually unite the tribes there as king and hopefully find peace. The series leaves open whether he ever wants to return to the south.

How will the ending of the series be different from the books?

This summarizes the most important points of the plot. The last episode does not leave the fans much room for interpretation. The end of “Game of Thrones” will, however, as with “Lost”, “Dexter” and “The Sopranos”, also cause discussions for the next few years. Especially when you consider that "Game of Thrones" is based on the still incomplete book series by George R.R. Martin based.

Martin has so far stated that the end of the series will roughly coincide with his own vision. Since the author revises his stories several times in the writing process, the end of the books could still differ. That is, if the series is completed at all. Until then, the series finale by D. B. Weiss and David Benioff will probably remain canon.

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