How often do you replace JUUL pods

How often do I have to replace the vaporizer unit on my e-cigarette?

Two things have to be renewed regularly with e-cigarettes: on the one hand the liquid and on the other hand the vaporizer unit.

There is no clear answer to the question of how often a replacement vaporizer is due. The reason for this is that the need for a replacement vaporizer depends on several factors and so there can be no general answer.

What is an evaporator unit / coil?

As the name suggests, the vaporizer unit is the part of the e-cigarette that converts the liquid into vapor by heating it up. Usually this part of the e-cigarette is called the atomizer head or Coil designated.

An evaporator unit consists of three main components. Inside the housing there is a heating wire that is wound around a wick (usually made of cotton wool) like a coil, which in turn is soaked in liquid in the tank. The two ends of the heating wire are connected to the battery. If the button is now pressed, the coil heats up, causing the liquid to evaporate from the wick.

How is the life of the evaporator head / coil determined?

How long you can use a vaporizer unit before you need a replacement vaporizer is determined by several factors. The Acidity and theRelationship between PG and VG of your base are two important aspects. Also the Amount of steam and the Current flow (Performance of your e-cigarette) must be taken into account.

A higher acid content of the liquid (for example in the case of fruity flavors or menthol liquids) ensures that the vaporizer unit wears out more quickly. Liquids with a high percentage of VG also ensure that a replacement vaporizer has to be purchased earlier. The reason is that these are thicker and do not evaporate completely without leaving any residue.

Some flavorings that are used in sweet liquids can also clog the cotton wool in the coil very quickly. Liquids that lead to faster wear of the atomizer head are often referred to colloquially as "coil killers".

As mentioned, the current flow (or the power) also determines the service life of your vaporizer. The higher the watts and voltages, the faster the power of the evaporator unit will also degrade. This means that it no longer heats up as well and consequently produces less steam.

Of course, the lifespan of the vaporizer is also determined by your vaping behavior. Obviously, someone who constantly puffs their e-cigarette will need a replacement vaporizer faster than someone who only vapes occasionally.

How do I know that my coil is worn out?

You will recognize the approaching end of your vaporizer unit by various signs. First of all, you will notice that there is not so much steam left. At some point you will register other omens. A changed taste, bubbling noises and leaking liquid also indicate that it is time to get a replacement vaporizer. Otherwise, soon no more steam will be produced.

The reduction in the amount of steam is usually the first signal. A new evaporator unit delivers thick, aromatic and very dense clouds of vapor. Over time, these will get smaller and smaller. Since this is a gradual process, you may not notice it that quickly. But as soon as a new replacement atomizer is installed, you will clearly feel and taste the difference.

Very often the steam gets one burnt tastewhen the evaporator unit comes to an end - the so-called dry hit. Even if there are other reasons for this, for example an empty tank or too high a voltage, the burnt taste is a classic sign of a burnt out vaporizer. When you use your e-cigarette, the wick of the vaporizer unit will change its color over time, become clogged with residues of the liquid and char. At this point, the vaping will feel dry and scratchy.

Maybe you already have something on your e-cigarette while pulling Liquid on the lips to get. Of course, this can have various causes, but most of the time this is an early sign that it's time to buy a replacement vaporizer. Since the heating coil can no longer properly heat the liquid, it is not completely evaporated and can get into the mouth.

Leaking liquid is often caused by the above Bubbling noises accompanied. These occur when the liquid cannot be evaporated quickly enough and the evaporator fills up. The solution, of course, is a quick replacement of the vaporizer.

If a replacement vaporizer is not used, the wire will eventually no longer heat up at all, or it will only heat up so weakly that there is no more steam at all. You will notice this when you pull on your e-cigarette and nothing comes out. In the worst case, you will have the unevaporated liquid in your mouth. It is absolutely inadvisable to wait that long. For optimal vaping pleasure, you should use a replacement vaporizer as soon as you notice the first of the above signs.

How often is a replacement vaporizer needed?

As mentioned at the beginning, there can be no general answer to this question. Too many factors determine the life of the evaporator unit. However, from experience one can roughly deduce the following service life of the evaporator.

If you vape a lot every day, you should change your vaporizer every 5 - 7 days. If you only take a few puffs at a time, a replacement vaporizer will be required after about 2 weeks. If you only pull on your e-cigarette every now and then throughout the day, the vaporizer should last up to 4 weeks.

With this information you should now be able to estimate when you should replace the vaporizer on your e-cigarette. When the time comes, take a look here. We have detailed instructions for you that describe how to change the vaporizer unit in detail. The practical part should not cause any difficulties either.

One more word at the end. Like all everyday devices, your e-cigarette also needs to be looked after and serviced. But she will also give you appropriate signs. Listen to these signals and you will enjoy vaping and your e-cigarette for a long time.

Why should atomizer heads be changed regularly when they are worn?

Attempting to clean or repair a worn atomizer head yourself is usually not advisable.

Depending on the type of construction, these small components are either completely replaced together with the rest of the tank or depot system as a coherent evaporator unit, as is the case, for example, with starter sets such as the LYNDEN Power-X or with depot systems.

With a few exceptions, tank evaporators offer the option of changing the evaporator head yourself. With devices such as the Melo 4 Tank or the Crown 3, the coil can be detached as a heating element directly and a finished replacement coil can be made available simply by plug'n play. The rest of the tank system remains unaffected.

DIY steamers who wind their coil themselves can either replace only the wadding or the entire winding, depending on requirements.

In any case, we recommend replacing the atomizer head regularly, not only for reasons of taste, but also for health reasons.

Studies found that evaporator heads that had been in use for a long time tended to produce more pollutants as they evaporated.

The regular change of the atomizer head not only keeps the e-cigarette, but also the lungs fresher longer.