What are the main grappling techniques

Grappling - 6 styles of ground fighting become one competitive style

In martial arts, grappling generally refers to ground fighting. But it is also a sport in its own right.


It's about bringing the opponent to the ground, forcing him into an unfavorable position, immobilizing him and making him surrender.


It's not about brute force or brutality. Rather, it is often compared to chess. It's about getting the opponent under control more and more using different techniques.


The training stresses all areas of the body. The fitness is increased. The risk of injury is low. It is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.


The grappling techniques


Grappling does not involve punching or kicking, it is thrown and grabbed. It is a fighting tactic in many martial arts.

In addition to technical training, this includes a lot of endurance training and strength training.

The goal of the techniques is to slow down an attack and control the opponent's movements. Placing the opponent in an unfavorable position and then immobilizing them. This includes strategy and tactics.

First of all, the punch and kick distance must be overcome in order to bring the opponent down. On the ground, it is a matter of bringing the opponent under control with a joint lever or a stranglehold. This also includes effective resistance. After all, grappling is also known as the art of breaking free from grips.


NoGi grappling


The Gi is the traditional combat suit as worn in judo, for example.

Grappling is usually fought without a gi. Short trousers and a shirt are worn.

That changes the whole fight. The fighter cannot hold on to the suit.

The opponent is grabbed by the neck and the joints. The fight is getting faster. The fight is very physically demanding.

Fighting without a combat suit is essential when it comes to mixed martial arts.


The name grappling

The word comes from the English term "to grapple" and means to hold on, wrestle, grapple.

It is mostly translated as grip fight.

It is also often referred to as submission wrestling, i.e. as a ground fight until the opponent surrenders.


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Grappling competitions


Ground fighting is not a sport for lone fighters. Grappling is a team sport. You may stand alone in the ring, but the way to get there is through community. The team is needed to train and motivate.

The fight is won if the opponent gives up. To do this, the opponent has to tap. The only other option is to win on points.

Grappling is a competitive sport. There are many national, European and international tournaments. Grappling associations do a lot to establish the competitions as a regular event.

Ground fighting experienced an upswing through the success of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in mixed martial arts. Pretty much anything is allowed here, boxing, hitting and kicking. Even someone lying on the ground can be stepped on. Nevertheless, it is the ground fighters who usually win.


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Ground fighting styles


The ground fighting styles from which the main techniques in grappling originate are as follows.


* Wrestling - the classic


* Jiu Jitsu - the techniques of the samurai


* Judo - the more modern style of ground fighting

* Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - made ground fighting really popular again


* Sambo - the Russian variant


* Mixed Martial Arts - this is where the ground fighters usually win


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