How long should the embargo be

The blocking period after the driver's license has been withdrawn

In a nutshell: embargo

When is the driver's license threatened?

Anyone who has earned eight points in the register of fitness to drive loses their driving license. The same usually applies to offenders convicted of a traffic offense.

When does the embargo start?

When the driver's license is withdrawn, the blocking period begins, which usually lasts at least six months and at most five years. But a lifelong ban is also conceivable.

Embargo period for the driver's license: how long can you expect?

After reaching eightPoints in Flensburg or after one Road traffic offense is used by the German authorities or courts Driver's license revoked. A blocking period of at least six months to a maximum of five years follow this withdrawal.

The driving license withdrawal is one of the most serious measures in traffic law. While a driving ban or a fine is another traffic pedagogical approach follows, in which a driver his Rethink and change behavior should, with a driving license withdrawal is basically trying to ensure road safety, by the fact that traffic offenders excluded from road traffic become. This exclusion takes place during the blocking period.

The driving license can not right after withdrawal be redistributed. A Application for the re-issuance of the driving license is also only at the earliest six months before the expiry of the blocking period possible.

Section 69a of the Criminal Code (StGB), Paragraph 1 stipulates:

If the court withdraws the driving license, it also determines that no new driving license may be issued for a period of six months to five years (ban). The ban can be ordered forever if it is to be expected that the statutory maximum period to avert the threat posed by the perpetrator will not be sufficient. If the offender does not have a driving license, only the block is ordered.

Basically, the lock applies for all motor vehicles, unless vehicles were explicitly named which can still be driven. On average, the blocking period on the driver's license is included nine to eleven months. Depending on the severity of the crime, the periods of time can also be shorter or longer.

But judges also have the option of a lifelong embargo to pronounce. A driving license can then no longer be issued. The basis is then one serious crime, Which in connection with a vehicle was committed. But there is a lifelong ban only very rarely.

Driving license withdrawal and lifelong embargo

A court can order a lifelong embargo if:

  • a vehicle was used as a weapon for criminal offenses,
  • there has been regular drunk driving,
  • was driven several times despite the blocking period,
  • a driver of a notorious criminal (e.g. jostling or speeding) or
  • a driver is aggressive on the road

Waiting for the driver's license: minimum embargo period

A driver already had it within the past three years receive a block, there is a new blocking period at least a year. But a court can also be one Shortening the embargo agree if it is proven that they are sufficiently fit to drive. The so-called shortening of the waiting period is according to ยง 69a para. 7 To grant StGB under certain conditions. This means that the driver's license can be returned a few months earlier. The Minimum period of three months or one year in the event of repeated blocking, however, it cannot be fallen short of by shortening the blocking period.

Does an MPU always follow the embargo?

Basically, that applies at the earliest six months before the end of the blocking period an application for a new driver's license can be submitted to the responsible authorities. Drivers often wonder whether a medical-psychological examination (MPU) pending after the blocking period.

With this question, however, it always comes up on the individual case at. Ultimately, the authority will decide whether or not to Doubts about fitness to drive which must be eliminated by an MPU or another expert opinion. In some cases it is sufficient to wait for the embargo period, in others those affected even have to again driving lessons in a driving school complete because the authorities have doubts about driving skills.

After the driver's license has been withdrawn and the blocking period has been completed, an MPU is ordered no automatism. In the event of a driver's license being withdrawn due to too many points, alcohol or drug offenses, however, it is quite likely.

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