What kind of candles float on the water

Floating candles test & comparison guide

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Four of the best floating candles in 2021 in comparison

What are their benefits, how you can best use them and more, you can find out in the following guide.

They serve festive occasions and are the best substitute for household candles. As a special decoration, they swim without aids and are made of wax. Floating candles can swim because they are lighter than water and therefore do not sink. This is because the density of water is higher than candle wax, which is made of stearin or paraffin. With their special flat shape and the curvature on the underside, they have a small air chamber. That makes them more stable on water. They are the size of tea lights and come in packs of 8, 10, 20, 24, 34 and 80 pieces. The burning time of 4-8 hours depends on the amount of wax and the type of wax.

GW Handels water lantern lotus flower
181 g
as torch lighting in the garden pond
ten colored water lanterns floating and a tealight candle
Water lantern lotus flower
Diameter approx. 18 cm
n / A
different colors available
priceLast updated on
23.05.2021 08:56
AGPTEK LED swimming candles
181 g
These floating LED candles are waterproof and flameless, making them perfect for illuminating vases, bowls or other water-filled containers
Pack of 12 floating LED tea lights
flameless candles powered by CR2032 batteries
16 x 12 x 4 cm
Battery powered
different colors available
priceLast updated on
22.05.2021 10:50