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Party vacation from 16 2021

The party holiday from 16 with a Mediterranean climate

Who doesn't want it? Summer, sun and partying with mild temperatures in trendy clubs. Finally enjoying the night life without hesitation, sipping sweet cocktails and jumping into the salty sea to cool off. This is exactly what you get on party vacation youth trips to the Croatian, Spanish or Italian Mediterranean coasts and of course to the popular Baltic Sea! Let's go on a cool vacation without parents!

The dream of the sandy beach and the blue sea during youth travel party

What is the most important thing about a party holiday from 16? That you just do nothing, but have enough opportunity to lie on the lazy skin, tickle your stomach in the sun and wash your feet in clear water.

There is a lot of fun and relaxed temperatures at the pool parties in Croatia.

On our youth travel party holidays from 16 you can expect wide sandy beaches, the white of which almost hurts in the eyes, as well as lagoons, whose transparent water between the rocks and cliffs tempts you to snorkel.

After a long swim in the sea, stroll along the magnificent beach promenades, buy a souvenir for friends and family, treat yourself to a delicious ice cream that tastes best in the warm sun, or explore the hinterland with your friends.

Especially when you start a short walk away from the beaches, a mostly neglected and very playful nature reveals itself to you. On the Mediterranean coast you will notice abandoned ruins here and there, some of recent date, but some of considerable age! Here you feel closer to human history than rarely!

And then it's finally off to the party in the evening! In the pool, with foam, on the classic dance floor or with crazy mottos. In any case, there will be parties there that you have never dreamed of before!

Fun and cultural program on party holidays from 16

The perfect youth trip offers a good mix of very different activities. Our party holiday supervisors know that too, of course. Therefore, just as they like to sunbathe, they want to play volleyball with you, use the local sports facilities, show you the area and of course the good clubs. On our youth trips you will always find a top location and a family atmosphere. Exactly the mixture of home and vacation feeling that invites you to feel good. Mainly, of course, the following applies here: On a youth trip, party follows party!

Natural monuments in Croatia on youth travel party

An incomparable river landscape opens up in front of the doors of Croatia, which delights the amazed eye with waterfalls, rapids and shallow basins. Everywhere the water is of captivating clarity and a flourishing nature that shines in many colors frames the bathing experience

The landscape in Croatia is so unique that you just don't want to leave.

A short walk along the picturesque river bank is just as appealing as a boat trip along the green coast with its hidden bays. Of course, you should also jump into the water from a boat or take a shower under a waterfall! So you can combine your party vacation with youth travel and experience the best of both worlds.

Fishing towns on the Spanish Mediterranean coast on a youth trip party

Time seems to have stood still in the ancient cities along the Spanish coast on a youth trip to the Costa Brava. From the sea you have the best view of the houses that cover the mountain slopes and which are dominated by a mostly bright white and dreamy church. Well worth soaking up the charm that surrounds these places because it is one of a kind. Tucked away in the small houses are the best tapas bars and party rooms that offer incomparable entertainment. From the foam party to cool laser effects to the color explosion on your own T-shirt, everything is included.

Because at the holiday camp in Spain, the local people simply know how to really party! One of the most famous party metropolises is located directly on the Spanish coast, namely Lloret de Mar. Unforgettable nights and wild parties pile up here to the point of overflowing! But also a little further south you will experience parties that have no end on a youth trip to Calella. You can also explore the area and the beach however you want during the day! And if you still want to learn the native language of the country, you can travel to the Spanish summer camp.

Italian scene life on the Adriatic on party vacation youth travel

Even high society cavort on the popular Adriatic. Experience the lifestyle on a youth trip to Rimini, on which you can of course also have endless parties on a youth trip. Perhaps you will discover one or the other film star on the beach or rock with a famous DJ in one of the countless clubs. Life is easy in the summer sun. Become part of weightlessness and just switch off completely!

The Adriatic certainly has more to offer than the brilliant nightlife. Of course, on your party holiday from 16 onwards, the nighttime hustle and bustle remains in the foreground, because finally you're 16 and can go to all the cool clubs. You should definitely enjoy that. On youth travel party holidays from 16 you can of course also recover from a strenuous night. Relax on the beach or explore the area a little. A city trip is definitely included, where you can shop so properly.

Youth travel party vacation from 16, as YOU want

When traveling with young people, party in the evening - city exploration during the day. Or just plan your own day and still travel to a foreign city? No problem. Because regardless of whether it's a city trip or a party holiday from 16, everyone is guaranteed to get their money's worth at a summer camp for young people. If you want to exert your brain a bit during the day in addition to the wild parties at night, you are in perfect hands on a language trip for young people. Here at Juvigo everyone will find their perfect international summer camp!

After all, the whole world is a huge party mile that you now have to explore. Depending on which type of music you are interested in and which sounds you would most like to hear on a party holiday for youth trips, you can go to different places around the world. In the clubs you can finally let the party lion or the party lion out completely, let yourself go on the dance floor with the coolest dance moves and chat with some friends at the bar. So what could be better than a party holiday from the age of 16?

Your party vacation Youth travel during the holidays

You design your holiday program together with the other young people. The supervisors will be happy to help you with their local knowledge, but they will let you decide what you feel like doing. Most of the time, a program doesn't really exist. Nevertheless, we are very familiar with the location so that you won't get bored. With cool ideas and funny trips you can experience a fun trip here - and of course have a good party in the evening on a youth trip.

Live into the day, make the nights long and let yourself be seduced by the picturesque places! Because even during the day our vacation spots have some miracles in store for you. The beach seduces with endless long promenades, but nature in some places will also make you puzzled. You don't believe us? Well then you have to see it for yourself! There is almost nowhere such a perfect combination of youth travel and party holidays from 16 - except at Juvigo!

Do you want to be shown more cheap youth trips? Well then, go for it!

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