Can cats eat raw meat?

Proper feeding

This article basically deals with the Nutrition of our house cat. As with humans, the diet of cats makes a significant contribution to their health, which is why it should be important to us, responsible pet owners, to optimize the keeping and feeding conditions as far as possible.
To feed a cat appropriately NO In-depth knowledge of mineral and vitamin requirements and no "cooking for the cat" required, there are simply a few basic rules to consider:

1. The cat is a Carnivores (Carnivore) and feeds almost exclusively on meat. She cannot digest grain in her short intestine. Herbivores have a correspondingly long intestine in order to be able to process grain and grasses better (horses, ...)

2. Before the time as domesticated pets and farm animals, cats lived in the desert, which is why they did Absorbs liquid almost exclusively with food. Nevertheless, the cat should be offered suitable drinking options. Particularly popular are drinking fountains, which are intended to encourage cats to drink by splashing around.

So what to feed if our cat can't feed on mice? There is an almost endless supply of cat food in the supermarket, in pet shops and on the Internet. All price ranges are offered, dry and wet food ... What should be considered?

For the most part, dry food consists mostly of plant products and grains. As already discussed in point 1, these plant nutrients are worthless to a cat and serve as a cheap filler in the cat food industry. In addition, dry food removes water from the cat, which it can no longer absorb as a desert animal. This leads to kidney and urinary tract disorders over time. This also applies to "grain-free" dry feed.

* NO SUGAR in wet food
Inferior cat food often contains sugar, although cats can't even taste sugar! Under no circumstances should it be fed to a cat. In the long run, it leads to diseases such as obesity, diabetes and even kidney disease in cats, as in humans. To reveal sugar, it is sufficient to read the contents of a conventional can. If it says sugar, put it back on the shelf immediately! ATTENTION: Sugar is also hidden behind the terms glucose, beet pulp, beet molasses, or caramel!

* NO GRAIN in wet food
Grain also serves as a cheap filler in wet food and cannot be metabolized by the cat. Grain can also be disguised as "vegetable by-products" or the like.

* Good declaration!
A good declaration of the ingredients is essential for every inclined can opener, only then can he see what he is getting for his money. Here's an example:

Supermarket food:
Meat and animal by-products (depending on the variety, including at least 4% turkey, chicken, poultry, rabbit, beef, veal, game or lamb), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, minerals.

This does not mean that it only contains 4% meat and animal by-products, but it is not known which types of meat are included and what the relationship between meat and animal by-products (innards etc.) looks like.

Recommended cat food:
Meat and meat by-products (50% beef, 50% poultry, of which 25% poultry hearts), vegetables (excluding carrots 4%), minerals, taurine. The meat by-products consist of the heart, liver, cheek meat and esophagus of the listed animals.

In comparison, it is nicely declared what is included and what is not! The 4% carrots are ok as far as a mouse will have carrots or the like in its stomach when the cat eats them. up to 4% are to be classified as tolerable and possibly sensible. Both feeds cost the same!

If you pay attention to that, you are already on the safe side and now we come to:

The Biggest Myths and Fallacies About Cat Nutrition!

1. Dry food cleans the teeth
NOT CORRECT! Dry food is usually swallowed in one piece and has NO cleaning effect. In order to keep the teeth in good shape, an annual dental check by the veterinarian is recommended and, if necessary, a rehabilitation and feeding-related RAW MEAT up to 3 times a week.

2. Raw meat is bad for cats!
NOT CORRECT! The most natural diet for cats is raw meat. Beef, lamb, duck, turkey, chicken, etc. are suitable for this. Only pork is avoided by many because of the so-called Aujeszky disease which is transmitted through pork. But Austria is considered ajueszky-free!

3. Raw bones can kill you!
NOT CORRECT! COOKED bones (poultry) splinter, but raw bones do not and are therefore harmless!

4. Baby cats need special food!
NOT CORRECT! There are no baby mice in nature either! From the 12th week onwards, little kittens can eat exactly the same as the big ones, in unlimited quantities so that they become big and strong.

All right?

Here is another book tip on the subject of cat nutrition:
Black Book Animal Feed. Cats would buy mice. Hans-Ulrich Grimm.

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