What are some comfortable clothes for running

Running clothes in winter - This is what the right running outfit for women looks like [with podcast episode # 18]

Thermal clothing: yes or no?

I am often asked if you have a Thermal pants * or Thermal jacket * wear when running in winter. To be honest, there is no clear yes or no answer to that. Because ours Perception of warmth and cold is absolutely individual and therefore very different from person to person.

When you think about it, you should assess whether you get warm quickly while running and whether you sweat profusely. I am that guy. My experience in the first winter of running was that I got myself a pair of thermal pants and felt more sweaty in them than that they gave me advantages. So I decided to go for thicker running tights. And when it got really cold, below minus 10 degrees, I simply put two running tights on top of each other.

If you feel the same and you are more of a warm-blooded group, I tend to prefer thermal pants. The heat often builds up here and you will be even warmer than you already are. But if the temperatures drop well below minus 5 degrees and you are on the road for more than an hour, even the best thighs with the most blood circulation will cool down.

When you say I'm one anyway Frostbitethen go for it!

Try out what suits you best and maybe a cheaper pair of trousers to try out at the beginning.

For the running jacket, I definitely recommend thermo for the winter. You move your body far less than your legs, so a roughened, warmer, windproof jacket makes perfect sense. Basically, the onion principle explained above always applies here.