How do I access my account?

View your account statement online - you should pay attention to this

There is a lot of movement in an account: salary comes in, rent goes down - and everything else that you pay cashlessly. It's good that the account statement provides an overview. We'll show you what's on it.

The month is over and the account is empty again than expected? Then only one thing helps to relentlessly find out the truth: a look at the bank statement. Perhaps an above-average amount of money was spent on clothes, perhaps various restaurant visits had a heavy impact on the book - but perhaps you cannot explain a charge at all and it is time to react.

Either way, it is never wrong to keep an overview. We have therefore summarized for you what you should know about account statements.

What is a bank statement?

An account statement lists all of them for a certain period of time Sales in your account on. It also shows you how much money you had in the account at the beginning of the period and how much it will be at the end.

By providing you with the account statement, the bank is fulfilling its duty to To inform you of the movements on your account. As a customer, you are in turn Obligation to check all bookings.

The account statement also serves as evidence to prove payments - for example at the tax office. It is therefore advisable to to keep it for a period of time. The general limitation period can serve as a guide. It is three years from the end of the calendar year in which you bought something.

A statement can be made daily (daily statement), weekly (weekly statement) or monthly (monthly statement). The classic receipt that you receive at the machine is this Daily extract - it shows you the current status of your account.

Danger: Bookings are only listed after they have been made. It is therefore possible that an amount that you have just paid with the EC card cannot yet be found on the account statement.

What is on an account statement?

Every account statement is made up of a number of components. It contains the following information:

  • TheBank account number and Bank code Of your financial institution
  • The current number Your bank statements
  • your Bank balance since you last moved out
  • The single onesSales with date and purpose
  • The Amounts the sales (a "+" indicates credits, a "-" debits; credits may also be marked in green, debits in red)
  • The new account balance with the current date
  • If available: Overdraft facility, i.e. the amount up to which you can overdraw your account
  • The vavailable amount including overdraft facility
  • Your current account balance without overdraft facility
  • The international bank account number (IBAN) and the Business Identifier Code (BIC)

Where do I get bank statements from?

You can either send your bank statements to one yourself Bank statement printer on site in the bank branch pull yourself - usually for a fee - by post have it sent to your home or view online. You will agree with your bank on exactly how you will receive your statements.

If you have not picked it up from the bank statement printer or accessed it online within 30 days, The bank will usually send you the account statements automatically by post. That's because they need to notify you of your account activity at least once a month. fees However, it is not allowed to collect these unsolicited bank statements. Just that Postage the bank may get back from you.

How can I view my account statements online?

To do this, you must first take part in online banking. You then tell your bank for which one Accounts they want to receive an electronic extract and then leave it for it unlock.

You will then find the electronic account statements in your electronic mailbox - always at the date you have agreed with your bank, for example at the end of the month. The online extract contains the same information as the paper extract, but usually has a different layout.

Despite an electronic account statement: Why do I get statements in the mail?

That usually happens when you get your statements not accessed within 30 days to have. Because then the bank notices that you are not informed about your transactions - and that the bank is not fulfilling its duty to provide information. Many institutes then send a letter with the current account statements without being asked.

How long can you view bank statements online?

That differs from bank to bank. Some hold the extracts permanent before, with others there is one limit - usually twelve months. If the latter is the case, you should download your bank receipts and keep them in their own archive. In order to avoid a loss, are also Backup copies advisable. Alternatively, you can also print them out.

Good to know: As soon as your accounts are registered for the electronic mailbox, you can no longer print statements on the statement printer. There is an exception for the credit card statement. It can still be picked up from the machine until the next billing date.

What is the closing of accounts?

Unlike the daily statement, which shows your current account balance, you will receive the Closing of accounts at longer intervals - mostly quarterly. It also contains interest and fees such as account management, card and postage fees.

What can I do if I have lost bank statements?

If you have lost bank statements, you can use them ask your bank. Financial institutions are required by law to keep your statements to be kept for ten years. However, they often charge a little for this service - the older the required account statement, the higher the fees.

Can I delete account statements in the electronic mailbox?

Yes, you can. Simply use the "Delete" function and the extracts end up in the waste paper bin. From there you can save them up to 30 days after the deletion date restore. After that, all documents will be irrevocably deleted.