Is there an acupressure treatment for the thyroid


How is acupressure used?

Acupressure is well suited for self-treatment. You can stiumulate hand acupressure points and foot acupressure points yourself. This is also possible on the face; it is best to use a mirror for this. You need the help of a partner for acupressure of certain points on the body or skull, back acupressure and ear acupressure.

Find acupressure points

Most acupressure points are identical to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture points. According to the acupuncture masters, these lie on energy channels that run through the whole body. There are also reaction points on the ears and reflex points on the hands and feet, which are also used for acupressure.

The correct acupressure points can be found with the help of corresponding images or acupressure lists. These assign possible acupressure points to the most varied of complaints. Since symptoms such as headaches can have very different causes, you need to test which point is the right one for your case.

You can then find the exact point by trying it out: acupressure points can be painful when pressure is applied, but the pressure can also trigger an immediate feeling of well-being.

Often the points are also located in small depressions or thickenings in the skin, which offer additional guidance.

Pressure with thumb and forefinger

You do not need any special aids for acupressure treatment. Stimulate the acupressure points simply by pressing your thumb or the tip of your index finger. Alternatively, you can use the knuckle of the bent index finger or a solid, rounded object.

Press and hold the acupressure point. It should hurt slightly, but not too much. Vibrating, circular or tapping massages of the acupressure points can increase the effect of acupressure.

Duration of acupressure treatment

Acupressure treatment is done once a day or every other day until symptoms improve. TCM recommends the following duration for acupressure treatment, depending on age:

  • Babies three to six months old: half a minute to four minutes
  • Babies up to twelve months: one to five minutes
  • Children from one to three years: three to seven minutes
  • older children: five to ten minutes
  • Adults: five to fifteen minutes

More western-oriented treatment concepts suggest pressing the acupressure points for between half a minute and three minutes. These treatments should then be repeated three to four times a day.

Acupressure - direction of pressure

The acupressure points are located on meridians in which the life energy "Qi" should flow in a certain direction. Some authors indicate a specific direction in which the pressure should be applied. Unless otherwise specified, acupressure is performed on both sides of the body at the same time or one after the other.

What is the effect of acupressure?

Acupressure can be used in a variety of ways. It is used to prevent and treat a wide variety of physical complaints. Acupressure can help relieve nausea. Tension headache or migraine acupressure also provides immediate relief for many patients.

In the case of infections such as a cold, acupressure can also alleviate the symptoms. Cold acupressure, in particular, is often surprisingly effective.

In addition, acupressure is used for psychological stabilization. If you are excessively tired, acupressure can release energy. Acupressure treatment also helps you achieve goals such as quitting smoking or losing weight.

Acupressure points table

In the following table you will find the most important points of the twelve meridians and the clinical pictures that you can treat with them:

Acupressure points for weight loss

If you want to lose weight with the help of acupressure, you can try the following acupressure points:

Who is acupressure for?

Acupressure treatment is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. In the case of uncomplicated complaints, it can be tried as the sole therapy. In the case of more serious diseases, acupressure can have a supportive effect in addition to conventional medical therapy.

Acupressure can be performed anywhere without aids. It can also be carried out by laypeople without risk and is particularly suitable for self-treatment. In the case of more serious complaints, you should definitely have them clarified by a doctor as soon as possible so that more serious illnesses can be recognized in good time.

Are There Complications and Side Effects of Acupressure?

When done gently, acupressure has no side effects. However, if the acupressure points are pressed excessively or with objects, bruises may form.

Refrain from acupressure on inflamed parts of the body. As with all TCM therapies, acupressure points that have a direct influence on the uterus should not be stimulated in pregnant women.

You can safely try acupressure. In many cases, you can get through Acupressure Relieve or prevent discomfort and do something for your health.

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