Know a basic French language

Learn French at home and on the go

The French language is characterized by a very special harmony and linguistic melody. However, many learners do not find it easy to learn French because many sounds do not appear in the German language. However, learning French can be very easy. Our tips for learning French show the best way to internalize grammar and vocabulary!

French is according to English the most popular foreign language in Europe. From a global perspective, the French language connects up to 300 million people in more than 50 countries around the world. It is also called "Language of diplomacy“The common basis in many institutions of the European Union. But this sonorous language is also widely used in everyday life. who learn French would like to find a correspondingly large selection of learning materials and formats.

In the following we have put together some French learning tips for you, which will pave your way into the new language world and show you many ways of learning. With an appropriate language course, learning French is easy for adults too.


Learn French quickly and easily with these 5 tips

Who one new language learns, has with grammar, vocabulary, Speech melody and the culture-specific customs of the country a lot ahead of you. However, compared to the classic textbook method, you can also make it easier: learn French vocabulary or the right ones in everyday situations Idioms practice can be integrated into everyday life in a variety of ways. Like you fast learn French we can tell you with our tips on learning French.

Grammar and vocabulary make up that Basic structure of a language and are also taught in many French courses. During a language trip or with audio files, videos and texts, learning the French language is also possible from home. If you already have some French skills, for example from school, you can also use our tips for learning French linguistic proficiency freshen up.


Tip # 1: Learn French vocabulary in everyday life for everyday life

Yourself one new vocabulary opening up must not and should not degenerate into excessive demands. Try instead small exercisesto conquer the French language step by step. A few minutes a day are often enough to see rapid progress in learning French. Much of it can be integrated very well into everyday life.

This is a very practicable way to learn French vocabulary Look up words for everyday items. Dictionaries