How do I reconcile myself to myself

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Uwe Böschemeyer says: It is one of the greatest riddles of human life that “two souls, alas, live in my chest” (Goethe). One wants peace, the other disruption, if not destruction. ... For our topic it is of particular importance that both love and hate are indivisible feelings. What does that mean?

If I hold grudge against a person for a long time, if I rage against him or if I hate him, not only does the other feel my aggression, but I myself too, ... because my soul revolves around the "object" of their rejection. Then she loses the joy of life, then she loses confidence, then the sense of meaning diminishes, then the immune system also suffers, ... then the whole organism suffers, then psychosomatic disorders can occur, then the whole person suffers. ... If, on the other hand, I get along with a person again, give him goodwill again, respect him, respect him, be friendly to him, then I myself experience respect and self-respect again, then I respect myself, then I feel friendliness in myself then it is easy for me to find myself and life good.

The fact that we have the opportunity to be not only for ourselves, but also against ourselves, against others and life in general, permeates all social circles, affects both the young and the old, the educated and the less educated. It is a human phenomenon par excellence. Is that our fate ...? Yes and no, but also no! Uwe Böschemeyer would like to show us that reconciliation (with myself and others) is possible, much more so than before, that people can overcome aggressive feelings that cut their souls - if they want to. He quotes, among other things, a sentence by Jean Paul: "I want to be able to be part of all the reconciliations in the world, because no love moves us as deeply as the recurring one." First of all, it is about being unreconciled with ourselves and overcoming it. It is the basis for us to be reconciled with others. This part is only dealt with briefly because the focus is on being and remaining unreconciled with others and overcoming them.

Reconciliation with oneself
  1. Filling yourself with your life story
  2. Learn to accept the shadow
  3. Reconciling your guilt
  4. Reconciling with your own body
Reconciliation with others
  1. Realize what it means to be unreconciled
  2. What if I forgive the other?
  3. Face the emotions that have arisen again
  4. Everyone has their own point of view
  5. Forgiveness is part of being human
  6. Reconciliation after separation
  7. What else to say

Read more on this topic in the book by Uwe Böschemeyer:
“Why it is worth living”, Ecowin Verlag, Salzburg, 2010