Is Madrid a good place to retreat?

Short break in Madrid

The Spanish capital will welcome you with open arms and numerous wonderful sights. But what's the best way to get from A to B in the city? We have put together an overview of the means of transport and - options in Madrid - for a relaxing weekend in which you do not have to worry about (almost) anything.

1) Multi Card

It is best to get the Multi Card at the beginning of your trip, which you can easily top up with credit and for all means of transport (metro, Bus, train, tram). A Multi Card costs € 2.50 once and it is possible to top up individual trips, 10-trip tickets, tourist tickets and the airport surcharge. You can buy the Multi Card at the machines in the metro stations, at kiosks and tourist information points.

2) Metro

The Metro (underground) is the cheapest and fastest way to get around Madrid. Most attractions have a stop nearby. The metro also goes to the airport - you can reach the city center from any terminal within 15 minutes. You may have to change trains, but if you download the metro map to your mobile phone beforehand, you will find your way around without any problems.

3) buses

Madrid's bus route network is also very well developed - perfect for sightseeing out of the window and if you don't want to spend half the weekend underground. On the EMT website, which operates the buses, you can find all timetables, maps and a route planner From Thursday to Sunday there are also night buses between 11:30 pm and 5:30 am, so-called “boos”, which will bring you safely back to the hotel from every party.

4) bike sharing

Of course, the trend towards bike sharing has not gone past Madrid either. If you want to discover the city by bike, the best thing to do is to download the app from the public bike rental company BiciMAD. The app works the way you know it: you can inquire about the availability of bicycles at each station in real time from your location and also have a route calculated between two rental stations.

5) Cercanías

The so-called Cercanías are comparable to German regional trains and mainly go to the suburbs of Madrid. Accordingly, they will probably only be of interest to you if you want to get out of town on your weekend. Maybe your short vacation is a few days longer and you just want to discover something else? Here, too, you can get information and plan online.

6) On foot

Although Madrid is one of the largest metropolises in Europe, you can also explore many parts of the city on foot. Turn into small side streets and mingle with the people. You will discover many smaller “plazas” with cute cafés, restaurants, small shops or markets that you would otherwise probably not have come to. In this way you get to know Madrid from a very authentic side - and a long walk is part of every relaxing weekend!