Do you think everyone can draw?

You should definitely think twice about joining this club. Because:

You will get really creative!

You will laugh and think: "Yes and I can draw "

Therefore absolute caution: THE Funny Sketchnotes are addicting. Promised!

I don't need all of the courses, I am only interested in a few of your courses, can I only book a part?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because the effort is far too great to deal with all of this individually. Access to all courses is the basis for the club. It's a huge buffet and you can help yourself to your heart's content. The desire for more is coming. Promised. I like to compare it to a fitness club in which you only use certain equipment or courses.

I don't draw digitally, does the club bring me anything?

Analog drawing is a big part of the courses, but also of the monthly topics. Pens and sketchbooks are also my passion and my motifs can be drawn anywhere.

I have a busy schedule, I can't get to LIVE webinars.

No problem - there will be live webinars always recorded. So you can watch them whenever you have the time.

Do I have direct contact with you in the club?

Yes, you do. In my LIVE videos, webinars and also many comments and contributions, I am right there for you. Many organizational tasks and questions are dealt with by my team.

What do the apps cost that I need for digital drawing?

Some apps I recommend are free, such as Adobe Illustrator Draw. The Procreate app (only for Ipad users) - there is a whole course too - currently costs € 10.99. Other apps that I will recommend in the future can also be in this context.

Which tablet do i need?

If you want to draw, a relatively modern Ipad (Apple) or an Android tablet capable of drawing, e.g. a Samsung S6. The more modern - the better. If you can download the Adobe Draw app and draw with your finger, then more will be possible.

Why do I have to log in for 12 months?

Funny Sketchnotes World is a comprehensive course concept that is financed with access for 12 months. Otherwise I would not be able to approve the entire course system. After the 12 months you have the right to cancel on a monthly basis.

What technical requirements do I need?

You need a normal internet connection to watch videos. The course platform is accessible via a normal browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Chrome accessible. The community, the exchange and individual actions take place directly in Facebook groups. For the webinars you need the free software zoom, if you want to be there live.

How does it work with the online courses?

The courses are all available to you on my course platform - with one login you have access to all courses. In each course there are different videos - in small pieces of 10-30 minutes - sometimes more. In total, you have over 50 hours of video material at your disposal. You can just pick whatever you like right now. If you like, you will also get support from my team and me and we will show you what the next step can be.

How's the club going?

The club has two main components: the course area and the club area. The club has an overview page for each month with videos and links to the required materials. The exchange and many activities take place directly in the Facebook group.

Are there personal meetings?

Nothing is planned yet, but maybe small meetings for chatting and drawing will be offered spontaneously - whenever I'm traveling! I'll just let you know!

How does it go with buying?

If you go to one of the booking buttons on this page, the sales page of my payment provider Digistore24 will open. A very common platform. Safe and verified. There you can then choose the option of your choice: one-time payment or monthly payment. After successful payment, I will get the information about your payment and in return you will get all the necessary information for the club from me.