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Umbraco - the flexible CMS

Our most important goal at Umbraco is to create a platform that enables you to do your work exactly as you see fit. We know that every project has different requirements. Instead of packing a system full of options and buttons that you don't even need in the end, we have designed Umbraco to be simple and open.

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Intuitive editor experience

How do you make sure that your project stays alive, relevant and always up to date? The easiest way to do this is to give your editors a system that is fun every day. Sounds logical right? Many do not think about the editors when developing. We do!

Several features in Umbraco make life easier for your editors. So you can be sure that your content - whether text, photos or videos - is easy to update and is presented exactly as you want it to be. No matter what device visitors use to access your site.

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Umbraco Cloud - the best hosting for your Umbraco project

Every Umbraco project needs a place to live. We have built the perfect place: Umbraco Cloud. In fact, your next project is already waiting for you in the cloud - we have taken care of the entire set-up process for you. Two minutes and your project is running! How about a free jaunt so that you can experience the benefits of the Umbraco Cloud for yourself?

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Strong umbraco community

Umbraco is a tripod. Or a three-legged chair.

In fact, Umbraco is even more open than you might think at first. The basis of the CMS is a professional, talented company and an open source community of over 200,000 users. In addition, there is a committed network of global Umbraco partners as a third foundation. Together they all ensure that Umbraco stays modern, strong and safe.

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Friendly support to everyone

Don't worry: with Umbraco you are never on your own. The Umbraco community has helpers for all situations. Whether you want to get your first page up and running as a newcomer or you want to acquire new skills as a professional in order to really get the most out of Umbraco. Of course, companies also receive professional help from us quickly.

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Many expansion options create freedom

At Umbraco, we love our work on a fantastic system and a great cloud platform just like other companies that manufacture e-commerce systems, marketing tools or platforms for email marketing.

But what we do know very well: The perfect digital project requires more than just a good CMS. That is why we are particularly pleased that there are over 300 extensions for Umbraco. Instead of positioning ourselves as experts for everything, we make sure that you have the freedom to combine Umbraco with exactly the expert tools that best suit your site and your requirements.

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