What are the benefits of boxing 1

Boxing: 9 compelling arguments for fitness training

1. Boxing trains the whole body

When you box, you strengthen almost all muscle groups and help you build more body tension. Hardly any other sport trains coordination, strength and endurance at the same time to such a high degree. Not only your arms are used when hitting. Shoulder and trunk muscles are also used. Since you also have to constantly dodge your opponent's blows, nimble footwork is important. The longer you train, the better your reflexes get.

2. Boxing helps you lose weight

If your goal is to melt the calories while exercising, boxing is the ideal workout for you. Because it is a form of interval training. A boxing match lasts three minutes, followed by a one-minute break. Even when training with a partner, high-intensity stress phases and breaks alternate. If you want to train for yourself, you can create your own training plan with boxing exercises. You can easily set the time for the intervals on your Garmin watch. It tells you when an interval begins and ends.

When changing the intensities you burn a lot of calories. That is at least as many calories per hour as when jogging, around 500 calories. Due to the afterburn effect, the calorie consumption continues even after the workout.

You can easily create an interval training on your Garmin watch. In the menu under “Training” you will find the selection “Intervals”. With "Edit" you can set up sections according to your wishes, set a break time and start your training straight away.

3. You can do it in many places

You can do boxing as fitness training in a club, in the gym or at home. Most boxing clubs not only address professional athletes, but also offer special boxing training for beginners. The advantage in a club is that you have a professional boxing trainer with experience at your side. He can guide you optimally and give you tips on how to improve. In a club, you can also try out the skills you have learned in the ring in “sparring”, a training match.

In many larger fitness studios, boxing is offered as fitness training in courses. All important strokes and movements are practiced there and combined with other endurance sports, such as jumping rope. You can't get into the ring there.

Of course, you can also buy a sandbag at home and train there. However, it is advisable for beginners to learn the correct striking techniques from a professional beforehand in order to avoid injuries.

4. Boxing helps reduce stress

When boxing, you can use the sandbag to reduce your stress or pent-up anger. In a short time you calm down and feel more relaxed. You simply box away troubled emotions. People who box regularly report that they are more relaxed in their everyday work. Perhaps after training you too have the feeling that nothing will "knock you off" so quickly.

5. Boxing training makes you more confident

A nice side effect of boxing: You become more quick-witted all round. Because you push your physical and mental limits during your workout, you get more and more confidence in the capabilities of your body. You have the feeling that you can theoretically defend yourself. This also makes you feel more secure in everyday life. You strengthen your assertiveness and demeanor.

If you have pre-existing conditions, you should seek advice from a doctor as to whether boxing training is right for you.

7. Boxing trains the mind

Boxing is not just about punching. You have to concentrate and be able to anticipate the opponent's attacks. With regular training you learn to act tactically, to focus and to get mentally involved with the opponent. Boxing training trains your ability to persevere for a long time, even in demanding situations. You learn to take it in and keep going anyway.

8. There are many variations

Do you love variety? There are numerous variants of boxing that never make training boring. Kickboxing, mixed martial arts or Thai boxing are the more popular types. Many fitness studios also offer courses with a mix of elements from different martial arts. You can also attend so-called piloxing or boxing aerobics classes, in which the movements are performed in sync with the music. Some boxing clubs also offer special courses for women and children.

9. Boxing doesn't have to be expensive

If you only want to take part in boxing-specific strength and endurance training in a club, the costs are manageable. Memberships in boxing clubs are often possible for as little as 30 euros a month. If you want to use boxing permanently as fitness training and also want to get into the ring, you should invest in bandages, gloves, head and mouth protection.

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