What's your band's name

it was one of those Friday evenings when there was nothing going on again, no konzi, no party, no orgy, simply totally dead pants. so I walked into the center of the Jg at around 7 o'clock, when the co-author of a book about rights and faux-hoods had announced himself, which at least promised to be halfway interesting. also started relatively punctually and was also quite well researched and presented, even if there were no great new insights. I just didn't know that the "punkroiber" are a fascist band, the good man ignored my complaint about this, but who am I to criticize a Berlin celebrity?

In any case, the beer went very well and when I was sitting in the cafe after the lecture, the light suddenly went out, the door blew an icy breath of arctic winter air into the room and HE entered the room surrounded by his servants: Saint Eddie from Berga, his signature bassist from "Verbrannte Erde", the band after which "OHL" named a record 20 years ago. but could also have been less dramatic, in any case eddie and theresa were sitting at the table and we began to devote ourselves to drinking sports. then I remembered that I had my dictation machine with me and so a conversation was recorded without further ado (interview would be extremely exaggerated in this context), which you can take a look at. i am not liable for any consequential damage to the mind or the ability to think, e is eddie and p is me and off!

p: ok, i'm sitting here at the table with the shyest bass player in the world, his name is eddie ettler, tach tooEddie lets go of a brutal burp in responsep: that was probably your statement about the state of the nation, um and eddie plays in an emo band, eddie what's your band's name?e: oi tankingp: you are really a bit shy or arrogant, come on, why is your band still around after all these years, why haven't you broken up yet, as it would have been right and cheap? e: so oi tanking has only been around for a year and I don't even play with it (note: oi tanking is an oi fooling band in which a few scorched earth guys participate)p: but this is about the scorched earth I thoughte: right, that's the band where i playp: well again, so why are you still around after 10 or 8 years?e: because we move forward so brutally (hysterical laughter from those sitting at the table)p: and the biggest ones for you are live concerts, am i right?e: yeah yeah, especially in the kassablanca in front of grandma hans, which unfortunately didn't work out, but we are playing with the command of sun milkp: uh, how, where, in the kassablanca now too?e: you had to persuade your mistaken colleaguetotal messp: ... uh, so horst mahler plays with the command sonnenmilch?eddie lists any bands, a kingdom for the red threadp: damn boy, my question was, why are you playing along with the scorched earthe: yes, that's a family story, it came about in berga and I've known the guitarist for 10 years, we grew up together and don't come apart anymorep: so from the sex club or what?e: yeah, the band is totally shit, the music is no fun at all, but it's like an old marriage, you can't get out of itp: there are divorce boyse: nene, once you've been together for 10 years, you just don't have the courage, you just can't muster itp: So that's the same as with the Catholics, there is only divorce when someone has died e: these are the punk rock rulesp: eddie, you're a student now, how does it actually fit together, being a member of a punk rock band, emoband for my part, and studying?e: Well, I think it's even worse that I'm singing in the gospel choir, that adds up to thatp: that's right dude, now you've come out, so you're singing beautiful gospel songs there e: we praise godp: so you praise the lord?e: yesp: the gentleman punk rock always gave a shit about>e: definitelye: definitelye: definitelyp: ok, there is also an answer (theresa laughs at herself in the background) But seen that way, Eddie, could you not only sing along in the gospel choir, but also in the skrewdriver choir, surely they'll drink too?e: well i would rather play with landser, but they no longer existp: but you could imagine joining them if the gospel choir and the scorched earth no longer work properly?e: how do you know that?p: I don't know, I don't want to put any answers in your mouth, assholee: you're with the constitution protection, aren't you?p: just because i'm abv i'm not at the vs for a long time, ... i think you're drunk. but now to the really serious questions, who else plays with scorched earth besides you?e: besides me?p: except youeddie points to any people present
e: so hep: who else?e: theresa plays along, then patrick plays along, lore and mep: you don't know more people, you ass, hehee: ey, get as old as me, oh shit you're older (chuckling around at the table)p: i was asked to ask you the following question. do you prefer balloons or wine balloons?e: nope, normal alcohol, wine balloon always associates with work, so I would have to prepare wine, I don't feel like itp: eddie, you can now use the unique opportunity to advertise your band once, what sets you apart, why is it worth going to your concerts or buying your record? is there any reason for?e: yes, our concerts are cheap, you have a lot of space, so you don't have to squeeze through many people, you can stand in front of the stage without much effortp: are you allowed to pog?e: yes, of coursep: or do you get pissed off when you pog?e: only if your name is patrickp: ok, that will never happen anyway ... but your ramones cover lately wasn't bad e: well, but not good eitherp: eddie, be a little more talkative here boy, otherwise I'll freak out, don't let every shit pull out of your nose mane: i play in a gothiepunk band and you don't say a lot, you just wrap yourself up in silencep: you wrap yourself in cryptic silence or in silent cryptisms?e: if you want to do such a shitty interview again, then write down any points, uh be silent, just keep silent (???)
short break to greet friends and fetch new beer
e: SAUFEN (shouts)p: your credo to get through life is what?e: SAUZINGp: uh yes, what's the difference between you and ea80?eddie gives me an angry look
e: we are always put in one pot and we don't like that at allp: was there ever an interview in which you weren't asked about ea80, so like today?e: yes, for example in oxp: true, but people who had a little something to say also gave answerse: you haven't read the ox interviewp: yes I havee: we were brought into contact with ea80 the whole timep: oh, really? shit, you set me up but somehow you have to be able to categorize the musice: but our singer, for example, has his very own style, so when you listen to it, you hear it toop: so, your singer has a style that, when you listen closely, is very different from that of the ea80 singer and is also very independent?e: yo, I couldn't have said it betterp: you just said it like that, I just repeated it. ok eddie ne last or before or very penultimate question, can i type the interview like this and can it be published online, i have your authorization, ... although, who carese: I didn't say anything
short beer break
e: SAUZING !!!p: eddie, when are you going to throw up today?e: (shouts) EY OLDER; WE SUCK SO MUCH TODAY UNTIL WE HAVE TO PUKE!p: is it actually true that your nickname is devil-eddie or are these malicious rumors?e: SAUZINGp: ok eddie, uh, anything else?e: SAUZINGp: eddie, is it actually true that you can only speak one word, what is the word?e: SAUZINGp: eddie what's your mother's name?eddie pretends to be thinking, then after a minute
e: mom (everyone laughs limp)

a great final word in my opinion. afterwards we went to another bar to get even closer to the crash, eddie won at the man don't get angry and on the way home with the bike I lay on my face, but think that I look better now than before, maybe I'm wrong I am there too.