Where's the FB Page Timeline?

Facebook pages are crap - from an admin point of view

Before you get it wrong: Facebook pages are great for communicating with customers and prospects. As a company, there is no way around a Facebook page.

But it is all the more annoying when you look at the current situation for the editors and administrators of Facebook pages. So many usability failures and bugs that you hardly know where to start.

Here is just a "small" list:

  • Administrators and admins can be added on the page itself as well as in the Creator Studio and in the Business Manager. And while the latter is definitely the safe idea, the user has the same rights in the end, no matter where they are added.
  • Write a post on the page: Go. Plan it for the future: To do this, I have to go into the publishing tools.
  • Why do we need the stripped-down version of the ad manager called “Ad-Center”? What added value does this offer the admins?
  • Trim a live video after it airs? Yes, it actually works. But finding the function takes minutes every time! (Now when I researched I couldn't find it anyway)
  • The new design and all its problems: Missing imprint, different sizes for the header image, old design in Business Manager, ...
  • Why are parts of the messenger settings in the inbox (reply templates) and some in the page settings (automatic replies, etc.)?
  • In addition, there is also an item "Advanced Messaging" in the page settings. How are you supposed to remember what is where now?
  • And why is there an inbox on the page and an "Inbox +" with the same options in the Creator Studio?
  • Speaking of the inbox, why is this thing so slow? Click, wait, click, wait, click, wait * aaaaarg! *
  • In the desktop version there are tags and more information about the people in the inbox. Mobile everything is gone again.
  • The page info can be found both in the page menu and in the page settings. For "beginners" unnecessarily confusing.
  • You can click on the left in the mobile page info. Not on the desktop.
  • If you have ever used the "Our Story" feature, it will no longer be displayed in the new design on the desktop computer. You can only edit it on the desktop. That means you have to switch back to the old design.
  • Images in the "Our Story" feature are no longer displayed correctly on mobile devices.
  • Even in the new design, the “Preferred Audiences” can still be found. A function that Facebook switched off two years ago. The menu item leads to an error message that is more confusing than explained.
  • Some photos on which you are marked as a page are only displayed on mobile devices. But you cannot remove the marking there.
  • The menu item for "Political Ads" also does not lead to the settings for these, but rather shows a page that the admin sends to the Business Manager via a button.
  • The menu item “Branded Content” directs the admins to the Creator Studio.
  • The menu item "Instagram" in the settings offers to synchronize the contact information from the settings with Instagram, but this information cannot be edited.
  • In the mobile version you can edit three buttons for the header, but they are not displayed.
  • "Featured Pages" can be found in the settings. But the Facebook page design doesn't know this section (anymore).
  • Under Payments there is a selection field for the preferred currency. But also a direct indication that this cannot be changed. Then maybe you shouldn't make a selection field out of it. Or simply leave out the "setting" right away.
  • The Activity Log actually still uses the Facebook design from 2015! With the old timeline!
  • Although the insights are linked on the Facebook page, Facebook sends the user from there to various other areas of the network with and without warning. Ads Manager, Creator Studio, Events Area, ..
  • Story Insights are available with different levels of detail both in the Page Insights (more details) and in the Creator Studio (few Insights)
  • What are "Movies" in the Insights and why is it a list of all posts?
  • The "Page News Feed", ie all updates from pages that you have liked as a page, can only be found on the mobile phone in the menu. If you still know the desktop URL, you will notice that there are different feeds.
  • Shopping as a big topic on Facebook? Then you have to grapple with two places for settings. Once in the page settings and then again in the Publishing Tools.
  • You can actually create and view your own tabs in the desktop version. Get rid of this relic from 2013 at least uniformly.
  • Why are published posts in the Publishing Studio, but planned posts and posts with an expiration date in the Creator Studio?
  • Every time you think you have switched off all notifications, there is another useless one from some ad account.
  • "The current post performs 95% better than everyone else!" Really now ?! That's every post !! For what feels like 5 years !!!!!

Even if we check Facebook that, despite considerable manpower, it was somehow not possible to completely implement a new design within a year, many questions remain unanswered.

  • Why are functions not grouped together according to their purpose?
  • Why are functions not completely the same if they are available in several places?
  • If the Creator Studio is supposed to be for "Creators", why are normal admins constantly being sent there?
  • Why can't a creator use the normal interface the other way around?
  • What is the point of the publishing tools if they are largely just a collection of links to other areas?
  • Does a Facebook page really have to feel like a corporate product? Each developer works in his own silo and is a product manager for his small area. What the user expects over there (i.e. a click away) does not seem to matter.

Of course, I also see the extent to which Facebook is making itself strong. Be it with info pages and aid programs on the subject of Corona or with massive support for SMEs in the crisis. Really good!

I also want to mention the real fireworks feature around Instagram. Facebook has really done a remarkable job here. New story functions, Instagram reels, everything is great!

But dear Facebook team, don't forget your roots! Instagram may be the new shiny star in the sky, but Facebook is not (yet) ready for the bin. The Facebook page is still somehow the backend for everything you do.

Please do not piss off everyone who wants to work with your products on a daily basis. We are here to entertain, inform and inspire people. We are either professionals who love their job and like to do it! Or beginners who are learning to love this job and who want to do it.

But that only works with working tools!
Take a look at your posters in the office. BE BOLD. Turn off all the old stuff, take care of the core features and make it all uniform again. Yes it is not easy. Yes, everything has become more complex. Yes, everyone has different demands on you. Yes, many browsers, many languages, many technologies. But that list up there isn't rocket science either.

And so that it doesn't mean that I'm doing everything badly, I'll pull every single item on the list above down here when it's repaired or fixed: