What should I do with my job

No plan what to do for a living? This is how you find out!

The crisis is thought-provoking. A professional reorientation seems to make sense to many, for some it is even necessary. If you ask around among friends and family, you will often only find out: “You can do anything you want, the main thing is that you are happy!” - Unfortunately, what is given as well-intentioned advice is not helpful at all. Because either you find way too much that you like, or you don't even know what you could do instead of your previous job. When you are overwhelmed, you give up in frustration, jump from job to job or just take the first thing that comes along. It doesn't make you happy. So that it doesn't end like this for you, you will find four tips below to find out what you should do for a living.

Finding the right job: 4 tips for you

The right job has the right values

In order to find out what you really want, you have to reflect on your values ​​and preferences, explains psychologist Christa Schirl. There are also some "Key questions“:

  • What is important to me in my life?
  • Do I like to work in a team or do I prefer to work alone?
  • Do I need a lot of exercise or variety?
  • Do I like to deal with numbers or do I like to express myself with words?
  • Do I like clear structures or do I need a lot of freedom?

Orientate yourself to childhood dreams

Another important question is: What did you want to become when you were a child? Christa Schirl adds: "The professions that fascinated us as children provide information about what is important to us. That doesn't mean I have to become a firefighter just because that was my big dream as a kid. But maybe it should be a job where you help others, save others, wear a uniform. The key question is: What exactly did you like about it? "

Based on valuesthat were important at the time, you can see which profession might fit in with it. If you wanted to become an actress, you have to ask yourself: Where can you live the actress today? Where do you have to slip into different roles and get others excited about you? In sales, for example, or in moderation, but also in psychology. Christa Schirl adds: "For example, some hairdressers are also good therapists because they can listen well and like to take care of people."

If you don't know whether you dare to take the step and still take a long cherished one make a dream come true this checklist will help you:

Yes to change, no to eternal search

A potential analysis, as offered by various educational institutions or the Chamber of Commerce, can tell you exactly what suits you. However, the result should not be regarded as forever valid, because (professional) change is complete normal. Christa Schirl explains: "What was right at a young age, does not have to be the right thing in the long run. In order to recognize this, you have to be in good contact with yourself. "

By the way, it's never too late for change! In this article we give tips for starting over at the best of your age:

Beware of perfectionism! It's just a job!

Unlimited possibilities and the trend too Self-optimization and perfection unsettle many people and pose a great danger, as Christa Schirl emphasizes: “If you are in contact with yourself too much, think too much and brood, then you are eternal seeker. ”Searching for the“ perfect job ”or the much-cited“ dream job ”can also go wrong.

The psychologist warns against that Optimization mania to decay: “Don't ask yourself which job is the best, the only real one? It is better to consider: What is okay with me and what is consistent with my values? What job is good enough? ”After all, it is not about choosing a partner for life and marrying the profession. Expectations that are too high only lead to unnecessary pressure. Because what you do professionally, you should be happy to do, but in the end it is and remains just a job.

As soon as you have found out what you want to do in the future, you can start looking for a job! In this article we will explain how you can targeted to the dream job come:

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