What is the reason for playing football

11 reasons why kids should play soccer

After all the good reasons, some parents still have doubts as to whether the kids can injure themselves quickly and severely when they are kicking. But here there is the all-clear. We have Dr. Florian Elser, specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery and team doctor at FC Augsburg asked whether parents should be afraid of a high risk of injury in children's football.

Dr. Elser clearly states: “No. Nowadays it is a much bigger problem when the children are not moving and not doing sports. Of course, there is a risk in football - as in any other sport. Serious injuries are rare. In recent years we have also made progress in prevention, that is, in the prevention of injuries. For example, there is a program from FIFA, FIFA 11+, in which the players, including the children, learn how to land properly after a collision without injuring themselves, for example. Studies show that teams that integrate these exercises into training have fewer injuries. In addition, the warm-up, stretching and conditioning exercises that are part of every workout prevent injuries during the game. "

What you need to get started in soccer training:

  • Children's football: the right football boots ensure a firm and secure hold
  • Important: Please no cleats for children! The total body weight is only on a few points here, which is not good for small children's feet. Choose the so-called cam shoes and get advice from a specialist sports shop.
  • Shin guards protect the shins and ankles
  • Training pants (short and long for the cold days)
  • Training jacket for cold days and after training so that your sweaty child does not catch a cold
  • a soccer ball - after all, your child wants to play soccer with his friends outside of training.