How high is my hair growth rate

How to realistically increase the rate of hair growth

The unfortunate thing about hair growth is that it grows at about the same rate for most animals.

The hair goes in cycles, Anagen , Catagen , Telogen . These are approximate Growth , Transitional and Breaks .

The first step to growing hair faster is to skip these other two. The first phase lasts 2-6 years. Catagen is short and lasts a few weeks at best. The last one can take up to 4 months. Getting these out will give you constant growth as hair is usually shed during this final stage. This could be a genetic quirk, shall we say.

Proceed to the next edition. The hair grows about 15 cm per year . There aren't any really weird quirks that can change this. You could just genetics or magic for faster growth or claim one Use substance .

genetics would mean the elves would have more blood flow to the follicles and more nutrient supply. They could then make up for this with the lack of hair on their bodies or perhaps the lack of fingernails or some similar deficiency. In all honesty, you could just avoid all of this because it doesn't cost much to feed hair on a grand scale. You could just eat a little more. I hate hair so I would go with the lack of other hair on the body: D.

magic is magic so no explanation is required.

What Substances concerns , there are some hair growth stimulants in the real world. Minoxidil is one. This acts as a vasodilator, it opens the veins. This helps, but it also seems to trigger the shift in hair cycles. The hair sheds and starts growing again. However, there is no faster hair growth compound.

That doesn't mean you can't have substances that will help the elves make their hair thicker, faster, stronger, and maybe even magically infused or store magic. This is a fantasy story, after all.